A walk by the river

Yes I know, I havent posted much this past week, I’ve havent been purposefully neglecting the blog. It’s just been one of those weeks where one minute it’s monday and then next it’s friday night and you feel drained and want to be in bed for 9pm.

Chloe holding her favourite leafBut anyhow, here’s some pics from sunday, we went for a lovely walk by the river, that goes through the woods and is stunning. I wish we’d taken our proper camera as these were just taken with Daddy’s iPhone but they arent bad. It was quite sunny outside the wood, so Chloe was trying out her new shades, which surprisingly she did keep on the whole time. She also got rather attached to a pretty leaf and kept hold of it the entire time, waving it in the air and babbling away to it like a little friend!

The walk through the woods was lovely and we took lots of gorgeous pics. There are old mill buildings, waterfalls, bridges and little stepping-stones in some parts, which I’m sure we’ll have trouble keeping Chloe off in the future. There’s lots of clay in the soil in some parts which leaks into the water, making for some lovely coppery colours and lovely contrasts next to the greens.

Chloe in the poolAfter we’d walked for an hour we headed back to the main bit where there’s a park bit, cafe and a big paddling pool. We werent very prepared and left Chloe’s swimming costume at home but we thought we’d let her have a splash anyway. Chloe wasnt hugely impressed really and after a little topple that ended up with her sat in the water, she wanted out!

So then we had an ice cream and had a little picnic, which Chloe enjoyed much more and promptly ate everything in sight! If it’s warm enough tomorrow (which I doubt as the weather has been on the rainy side all week) then we might go there again and attempt the paddling pool, but we’ll see how it goes!

Michelle xx

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