We’ve just booked the villa for our holiday in september, only problem is I have to get Chloe’s and Daddy’s passports sorted out, eek! I’ve been telling him to get his sorted out for ages so now we’re going to have to pay a silly amount to get them both fast tracked and keep our fingers crossed! I think I should start a list of what we need, aside from the cost of the place to stay and flights, actually buying stuff for the holiday is so expensive and then of course you need money there for food and shopping etc! Had better start saving now!

Me and the sun aren’t fantastic friends, my skin gets sunburnt just looking out the window, and with Chloe being so fair like me, I can see it’s going to be fun-filled week of reapplying factor 50 every hour or so! Reminds me of when I was little, my mum made me wear a sunhat (even in the pool) and a tshirt over my swimming costume, with that really thick old suncream that used to clog your pores up and even then I’d manage to get my eyelids sunburnt or something silly.

Hopefully it wont be as bad now, there are lots of new stuff, spray on suncream, clear cream, cream that lasts 4 hours, oh and those cute UV sun/swim suits, which I think will be fabby for Chloe. I’ve already mentioned my desire for a Trunki suitcase for Chloe, yes I know it’s not needed but it’s sooo cute and of course one thing about being a parent is getting those things that either you didnt have when you were little or that werent even made then. Gosh I hate to think of all the things we’re probably going to end up buying for the holiday and then not even needing!

Luckily enough I managed to get a sale slot at the Next sale so have ordered a ton of summer bits and pieces for me, Chloe and Daddy. Lovely quality stuff and half price, bargain! Just have to wait for it all to arrive now and try it on etc, I cant possibly keep it all as I ordered probably enough for a month long holiday not a week but still.

Right off to the the dishes, and things, have a lovely weekend all and dont forget the Baba+Boo giveaway for a new Limited Edition nappy closes on monday!!

Michelle xx

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