Itti Bitti – limited editions July/Aug 2011 and competition

Yes that’s right, summer is officially here and so is the new limited edition prints from Itti Bitti! This time they have released 4 new prints, I think Ponder and Ayannah are my favourites. They’ve also got matching change mats, which look fab but I think I’d have prefered a colour on the other side rather than white. I’m not totally digging the names, except Ponder – I think that’s very cute and fitting with the print!

I do think it would have been nice to have another print or two, I mean they are mostly gender neutral but last time they released limited edition prints (which I wasnt a fan of on first look but ended up buying 4 of them!) they had 7 in the line up. Here’s a recap of the now older limited editions to the right, you may still be able to pick some of the prints up at reduced prices in various places. Danube and Fleur were my favs but I also got a Spectra and Retro Bubbles!

So that’s me quick take on the new prints, I think I’ll *have* to get Chloe a Ponder and Ayannah tutto, they’re limited so it would be rude not to! Also if you fancy winning a limited edition Tutto nappy and change mat of your choice then head on over to Babi Pur’s blog and enter they’re fabby competition (I did!), closes 15th August, good luck!


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