House shopping

We’ve been wanting to get out of private renting for a while and so have been on and off looking at houses for the past six months or so. But now is the time to get serious, Chloe will be 2 soon (yes 2!!! Eeeks!) and I dont want to spend another Christmas in a house that isnt ‘ours’. I want to spend a Sunday walking round a DIY shop looking at wallpaper and paint colours. And I’m desperate to decorate Chloe’s room and I want to feel that it’s worth planting things in the garden, as we’ll actually still be here when they sprout and grow!

So I’ve been booking viewings – which is hard work in itself as OH is working away in Liverpool monday to friday so trying to get viewings for a weekend is no mean feat sometimes. And I’m already pretty sick of Estate Agents, the one that deals with the letting of the house we’re currently renting is rubbish! They never get back to us, it takes numerous calls to get through to the right person and they’re always sending us letters, reminding us to sign something and send it back, weeks after we’ve already signed and sent it back! Plus last year the cooker broke in November and it took 5 weeks to get it sorted, yes five weeks with no oven in November/December with a 1 year old. And only by me ringing practically everyday did they come back with ‘we cant get it sorted till after Christmas’ – erm a Christmas dinner with no oven, I dont think so. So we ourselves had to go out the day before Christmas Eve and buy a new cooker and get it installed on Christmas Eve and get them to refund us after Christmas. Shocking I know, but anyway I digress!

So anyway I hate dealing with Estate Agents, but we have seen a few houses we like, price is as with everything a main factor. We’ve seen one house that ticks every box – except the fact that it’s on the very outskirts of Sheffield. We couldnt afford the house if it was closer to our ideal location but we’re kind of stuck on do we go with the near perfect house that has space and a big garden in a quiet area or go with something smaller but closer to the heart of Sheffield. Granted it’s not like we go into town shopping every weekend and have a jam packed social life or anything but moving away from the area that I’ve kind of got used to in the past few years I’ve been living in Sheffield does make me feel a bit nervous. Plus OH’s family is currently around the area we’re in now, so moving 30 mins away, although isnt a lot does make me wonder if it’s a good idea (my family are 2 and a half hours away).

So we’re kind of in a dead lock at the minute, OH likes a house near where we are currently but I want to have a bit more living space and a nice big garden for Chloe. Oh well, more viewings are booked this weekend and we’re going to have a good drive around and take a look at the areas we havent really looked at before. I wish it was so much easier  and that Estate Agents would actually provide a proper service, giving you help on which areas would suit your family, what to steer clear of, information on how child friendly different areas are and things, etc, anything really other then just ‘It’s a nice area’. I mean, a nice area compared to what? Everywhere cant be a nice area, help!!

I’m sure there’s more fun and games to be had when we do find the house we want, more dealings with Estate Agents,  negotiations on price, surveys, and lets not forget the actual packing everything up and the extra costs and fees added on along the way! But it will so be worth it, I’ll keep you posting (and share future ramblings about Estate Agents!).

Michelle xx

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