Baking with Chloe

Recently I’ve come across a gazillion (or so it seems) yummy ideas and blog posts about making biscuits and cakes and other goodies with little ones. So the other day I tested out a recipe I saw over at Sticky Fingers. It’s a very basic biscuit recipe, so super quick and easy to make. I didnt take any pictures of the making the dough (silly mummy) but there are plenty over on Sticky Fingers’ post so do go have a look, the full ingredients and details are all there too.


So once they were baked and had cooled down I set Chloe up with pink icing (only food colouring colour I have!) and lots of different cake decoration bit – again most were pink as they came in a tub together, we need some more variety!

As you can see, Chloe really really enjoyed ‘painting’ the biscuits and surprisingly enough she didnt try to eat any of the icing or the little decoration bits – very odd!

The cute thing was she kept putting things in the icing and then trying to pick them back up again to put elsewhere and was getting annoyed at how the icing kept getting on her hands. But she had a lot of fun, especially when she didnt realise the sugar strand bits were really light and ended up chucking them on the floor but still!

Mummy did do a few herself too, it looks like to much fun not to join in!

And here’s some of the finished product, yummy! As she didnt eat anything during the decorating process I did let Chloe have a biscuit to eat afterwards, she ate half but was more interesting in trying to pick off the decorations!

So it was great fun and I’m already planning the next baking and decorating session – once I’ve picked up a few different food colourings!! It’s so easy to do and makes hardly mess at all (the hoover made short work of any stray bits on the floor), it’s so perfect especially for those rainy days we keep having. And of course there’s always the reward of eating them too! Dont forget to check out Sticky Fingers post about them too!

Michelle xx




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1 Response to Baking with Chloe

  1. Ha ha that looks like great fun and look at those designs – fab biscuits x We love baking and the kids love getting all messed up x

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