Back to normal

Nanny has left to go back home, it’s been lovely seeing her for the last few days and as always I wish she could stay longer. But it’s been really nice, trips to the shops and park, and watching her play or read a book with Chloe is just so lovely! Hopefully it wont be as long till we next see her, as every 3/4 months is far far too long!

In other update news our Eco Posh nappy arrived from Babybots and it not only looks and feels gorgeous but the fit on Chloe was amazing, it’s not really had any proper testing yet though but Chloe will be seeing to that this afternoon. I really am impressed with the nappy, they are expensive but they feel so luxurious, lovely, thick and soft and if the bamboo inserts work as well as they look like they do then I might have to see if I can get some more!

I have some CSP reviews that I shall put up soon, starting tomorrow hopefully and also a proper review on my Mooncup, plus there should be a new giveaway lined up for next week!

And we’re just waiting for Chloe’s passport to arrive (any day now) and then we’ll be booking the flights for our holiday, yay!! So excited and madly writing and re-writing huge lists of things we need, it’s only for a week but still!!

Right off to go tidy up after lunch and to go hang up the clean nappies in the sunshine, yay! Thanks for continuing to read and subscribe, big hugs to everyone!

Michelle xx

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