Review: Wee Notions pads (CSP)

Firstly for those that have stumbled across this page and havent a clue what this is all about, we’re talking CSP or cloth sanitary protection. Yes that’s right, washable and reusable cloth pads for a woman’s monthlies. If this scares you at all and is not your cup of tea then please move on, otherwise this post is to help people learn more about CSP and discover more about this particular brand. Thanks xx

Wee Notions area big name in the cloth nappy world for making custom nappies with embroidery and using gorgeous fabrics but they also make CSP. They have a large range of CSP (they call them Fairy Hammocks on the site) and you can order anything from small pantyliners to overnight heavy pads and you can pick exactly what fabrics and core they’re made of.

As far as I’m aware all the pads have two snap settings which is great if you have lots of different style underwear, so you’re sure to get a good fit. They use white PUL as a backing but you can request to have black fleece instead, I’ve tried this and the fleece is a little thicker then with other fleece backed pads but I’ve not had any leaks using it, nor with the PUL backed ones either!

You can pick to have the inner core layers made from cotton jersey, hemp fleece or bamboo towelling, and the top layer of either cotton, cotton jersey, organic cotton jersey, cotton velour, velboa, minky or microfleece. And of course it’s not just plain fabrics, they have a huge range of prints and designs as well. As you can see from the pics, I like bright funky pads so went for a tequila sunrise minky, island flower print minky and a chocolate with pink bubbles minky. Minky is a great fabric to use for CSP, it’s super soft, stain resistant and doesnt fade like dyed fabrics can. Although some ladies dont like minky as it can make you feel hot but I’ve personally never come across this. 

Prices start at around £4 for a pantyliner depending on the fabric you want and go upto around £8 for an extra long night/heavy pad. Which compared to some other makes is really good value – especially when you can have them in virtually any colour/fabric/print. They also run an offer where if you buy 5 pads you get 1 free, which again is fantastic value, great if you want to start out in CSP or just to pad out a stash.

I got a mix of pantyliners and medium pads in my order, they are the perfect length and give me a secure feeling when I use them on their own without a cup. And you might be able to see in the pics that they sew a little label on the underside of the pad with a M for medium or P for pantyliner, I’ve not tried any of the other size pads but I assume they all have these on so you can tell them apart easily, a nice touch.

These are one of my favourite pads, not only because they come in a huge range of funky fabrics but because they are so well made, comfy and havent let me down yet. They also still look lovely and new after a good few months of use, perfect. I do prefer the thicker fleece backing on the medium pads as they make the pantyliners feel a bit too thick but the PUL backed ones are great for the liners.

These are perfect for both a newbie to CSP to get you started and for regular users to pad out a stash. They are a really good price for such well made and pretty pads, and it’s nice to have something made in the UK. If you havent tried these already then you should put them on your shopping list! If it wasnt for my obsession with trying anything ‘new’ I could quite easily just have these as my whole CSP stash!

Michelle xx

I bought the pads mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for reviewing them.

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5 Responses to Review: Wee Notions pads (CSP)

  1. Great post, I’m new to CSP, am building up a stash but haven’t needed to use them yet. Brilliant idea I think, don’t know why I didnt make the swap earlier!
    Well done for posting and highlighting reusable pads 😀

    • Michelle says:

      I know, I hate to think of the money I’d had saved if I knew about CSP and started with them sooner! And for something that happens to every woman and is uncontrollable and also completely natural, I hate the stigma surrounding it, I wish we could all talk more freely about it without getting embarrassed!

      I always hope my posts might help someone new or persuade someone to give something new a try!

      Good luck for when you start with them, getting pretty pads soon becomes addictive! Have a great weekend too!

      Michelle xx

  2. Herbina says:

    It’s such a good topic. I only found out of CSP along with cloth nappies, and wish I had heard about them sooner. They’re so much more comfortable, especially as panty liners (haven’t had the need for else), no more itching because of the dryness the disposable panty liners used to cause!

  3. olga says:

    Did you try the velboa pads? If so were they comfortable?

    • Michelle says:

      Hi, no I haven’t I’m afraid. After trying lots of different designs and fabrics, bamboo velour is definitely my favourite. But lots of people do like minky as it’s stain resistant and cotton tops due to the huge range of prints etc. And Homestead Emporium is my favourite maker! Hope that helps! Michelle x

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