Review: Wonderoos V2 pocket nappy

I’d been wanting to try a Wonderoos nappy for ages and luckily enough I won one in a Real Nappy Week competition that was run by Softbots, (yes it’s taken me this long to get around to the review for it, oops!). Wonderoos nappies were the first pocket nappies to be made in a one size, changing the real nappy market and making it simpler and cheaper for parents. So with this pedigree to their name I was excited to put it through its paces with Chloe.

Oh and they do matching bibs – one was included with the prize and it’s so cute! But back to the nappy itself, what do Wonderoos have to offer, well quite a lot actually, the newest version is the V2 and having not tried the V1 I cant really comment on the improvements. But to my knowledge V2’s are the ones currently in shops but if you’re buying one preloved then do check on which version it is.

As mentioned they are a one size nappy with the normal snap down rise at the front and they only come in a snap fastening (which is fine with me!). They come in a mix of PUL outers in plain colours and minky outers, both plain and patterned. It’s a good mix of colours and the funky spotty and flowers patterns are bright and different, it’s a good mix of girl, boy and gender neutral colours.

They’re priced at £14.99 and they come with their own 2 part insert, which I think is a very reasonable price for a pocket nappy that’s to last from birth to potty and comes in funky patterns. They only have one row of snaps across the waist and I do have to say that I do prefer two as I think it gives for a better fit but they do have a crossover snap setting which is always needed for little babies. The elastic on the legs and back of the nappy is nice and soft but still very stretchy, and hasnt left any red marks on Chloe’s legs.

Next to baby’s skin is a soft stay dry microfleece and the pocket opening at the back of the nappy is lovely and big, which makes it super east to stuff and unstuff. The insert has been very well designed and comes in 2 parts a smaller microterry one that can be used on it’s only for littles one. And for when they get a bit bigger, a trifold bamboo insert that you fold up and use the snaps to keep it in shape. If you have a heavy wetter, or for naps etc you can snap the smaller to the large bamboo one (and theres a snap each for a boy or girl positions) to give you more absorbency.

I love how stretchy the nappy is, much softer and more flexible than say an Itti Bitti nappy, so it’s great to get a good fit with. Chloe can easily go 3-4 hours in this nappy with only the bamboo insert in, which is really good for a pocket nappy. I’m so glad it’s a bamboo insert and not another microfibre type kind!

Ease of use: This is a really easy nappy to use, fold insert and stuff in pocket. Simple, and I do love the big opening to the pocket as it means you can easily get the insert in with no fussing.

Performance: No leaks of anykind with the Wonderoos and if I use both inserts (or put in any kind of extra insert) then I know Chloe can last through a long nap or car journey. Love the insert, so wish more nappies came with bamboo inserts but this one is so soft compared to other bamboo ones and of course it dries super fast as it folds out, perfect.

Design: These have a good range of fabrics, colours and prints, I really really like the spots design. The fit of these is good but I would have prefered another row of snaps across the waist as  it juts gives Chloe a better fit. Also I did notice that when we started out and had the rise snapped upto the medium setting, that as there are only 2 rows of rise snaps across the front it did mean that sometimes the nappy bulged at the front a bit. If there were 3 rows, as with most one size nappies, it does give it more structure and keep it all more streamlined. But the insert (as mentioned lots already), is fabby, soft, absorbent, quick drying, and I would so get more for other nappies if I could.

Overall: I think these are at a great price considering that they come in minky colours and prints, plus the fact that you have a really good insert. I would much rather have a Wonderoos over some of the other more well-known one size pocket nappies. As with all one sizes they are a little baggy on Miss Long and Skinny Chloe and I would love it if they came in a sized version or even had the adjustable leg elastic like Charlie Banana’s do (as it makes the nappy much trimmer). But these are all just down to me being picky, if Chloe was chunkier then it wouldnt even cross my mind. And to be fair these aren’t as baggy and loose as some other one size nappies we’ve tried, so it’s not really a problem or would it put me off buying them.

Oh and I’d love it if they had a sleeve rather than a pocket – just because I’m getting lazy with unstuffing pockets now before putting them in the wash but again it’s just me, but maybe in the next version? Anyways, we really like this nappy, quite trim, pretty, good price and works well, definitely worth a try!

Michelle xx

We won this nappy and I decided to review it, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

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