Another fab day out

On sunday we went to Rother Valley Park and had a lovely time meeting up with some family we hadn’t seen in months. We had a nice walk around the smaller boating lake, fed the birds, had a lovely picnic, followed by a look around the little shops and then to the play area so Chloe (and Aunty Mel) could have a go on all the slides and other fun stuff there, then we had a final walk to let the doggies stretch their legs before we all went our separate ways home.

The doggies were super well-behaved and it was so nice to have a big park where you can bring your dogs. I’m really looking forward to going again, the play area was really great and the park is beautiful, plus it’s not far from us and when Chloe is a bit older it will be great to go out on the paddle boats or go zorbing or something!

A really great time was had by all of us and Chloe was completely worn out by the time we got home. Cant wait to meet up with everyone again and I’m now longing for us to hurry up and get our own place so we can get a doggie too!!

Michelle xx


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