Review and Giveaway: Mama Packs

In the UK almost every mum to be looks forward to her ‘pack’ from the midwife and hospital, the excitement of opening it up and rooting through all the freebies inside is tangible in the ante-natal clinics! But there are a growing number of expectant mothers who feel let down by the contents as they look through the plastic printed bag.

Disposable nappies, disposable chemical filled wipes, disposable breast pads IF you get any at all, and a ton of leaflets. The Mama Pack is here to change all that!

Mama Packs are the UK’s only ethically influenced Mum & Baby sample pack. A pack you wont find nasty chemicals in, a pack you’ll love receiving or giving! The Mama Pack is here to offer an ethical alternative to the current natal packs and to also encourage women to seek the services of those organisations who distribute the packs, enabling them to make more informed choices about raising their children.

And it’s so true, I was excited to get my pack from the hospital and didnt really know what to expect but honestly most of it went in the recycling bin, leaflets trying to sell me stuff I didnt want or need. There were a few useful things along with the one (yes 1) breastpad but mostly it wasnt really informative or needed. Then when I had Chloe and we started on using cloth nappies, I heard about Mama Packs, an eco version of the one I received in hospital. Mama Packs are stocked in many of the cloth nappy shops I buy from, and I got this one from Screaming Green – you do have to be quick though as they generally go out of stock only a few days of Heather receiving them!

Whilst the contents of the packs do vary, they include a wealth of useful information as well as eco-friendly, organic and ethical samples. So what was in the Mama Pack I received I hear you ask, well here it is!

  • Firstly the bag itself, it’s a reuseable, good-sized bag (they usually have ‘Mama Pack’ printed on them but the these ones are blank). Such a great idea, and something that can be reused over and over!
  • Child Benefit Claim form – no need to feel like you ‘have’ to get the hospital pack to get the form now or having to go to the hassle of ringing up for one.
  • Book Of Green – An Eco Living directory.
  • 2 Nature Babycare Eco Nappies
  • A pack of 10 Waterwipes – Containing 99.9% water, safe for newborns.
  • A sample of Soap Nuts – These are inside the brown paper bag in the main pic.
  • Some Gin Gins – Ginger Hard Candy sweets.
  • Pregnacare cream sample
  • A packet of Rude Health multigrain flakes
  • An E-Cloth – Eco glass and polishing cloth
  • Sample of fruit flavoured liquid Iron
  • Organic Apoteke face hydrating gel
  • Clipper Organic Redbush Tea bag
  • Teapigs chamomile Flowers – Caffeine free tea bag.
  • And a few leaflets with some info on some of the samples and healthy living etc (not a whole forests worth!).

The bag itself is a great idea – perfect for if you’re in hospital to keep all your bits and pieces in, The Book of Green was nice to flick through, lists of eco companies – some I’ve bookmarked for future use. The soap nuts are always good, we’ve used them for a while and it’s a great way to introduce people to them. The Waterwipes are a great alternative to the mainstream chemical wipes and I’m sure they would be used asap along with the Nature Babycare nappies which again it’s great for people to try eco versions of things.

I think Mama Packs are such a great idea, perfect to take along to an expectant/new mummy, regardless of whether they’re ‘into’ a green parenting lifestyle or not. I have heard from other mums that had packs a year or so ago that there used to be a WAHM (Work At Home Mum)  newsletter/magazine included, advertising WAHM businesses which I think is a lovely idea. There are so many great WAHMs out there selling everything from nappies, clothes, jewelry, and everything in between that it would be great to get their names out a bit more and support them. So I would have loved it if something like that was in this pack and maybe even a little treat for the mummies, some Green and Blacks maybe? (Yummy!)

It would be so fantastic if Mama Packs became more well-known and all mums would know about them. I for one will be passing mine on to a lady at OH’s work who has just had a baby. As far as I’m aware she ‘into’ the whole being green as such but that’s the beauty of Mama Packs, it’s all useful stuff that doesnt push the big green/eco messages but carries it along gently, if you get what I mean! I’d have loved it if someone had bought this to me whilst I was in hospital, thoughtful and useful at the same time.

Michelle xx

Giveaway! (Closed)

So as a treat to any mums to be/new mums out there, I picked up three Mama Packs in total, so I have two to giveaway. All you have to do is post a comment below, giving your thoughts on Mama Packs (good or bad- if you can think of any!), or things you’d like to see included or just that you’d like to try one!

One entry per person, per household please! You can follow Mama Pack and Screaming Green on Facebook and me, Fluffy Mummy  on Twitter, it’s not a compulsory requirement to enter but it’s a great way of keeping track with news and giveaways!

Terms and Conditions:

  • This is open to anyone in the United Kingdom.
  • And closes at 11.59pm on Thursday 15th September 2011.
  • The winners will be chosen by on Friday 16th September.
  • The winners will be announced on this page and Twitter.
  • The prize is non-refundable and cannot be transferred. No cash alternative is available.

And the 2 winners are……….  A. Wiley and Zoe!

Congrats and I will email you know, if you havent heard from me by tomorrow then please do get in touch so I can post out your Mama Packs!

The Mama Packs mentioned in this post were free from Screaming Green (I did pay the postage for them) but I did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it. No one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.  

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16 Responses to Review and Giveaway: Mama Packs

  1. Nicole says:

    These sound like a great idea, I have a huge collection of ‘freebies’ that I would never have chosen to buy, such as packs of disposable nappies, so they aren’t exactly helping me to decide what I really need to buy for my baby. One thing that would be really helpful in a new Mum pack as well as the child benefits form would be an idiots guide to child benefit/tax credit/etc as I’m totally confused about what my budget will be like when I stop working. It seems like they want you to just work out how much you’ll get, when you get it – but I need to plan my finances a little more in advance than that!

  2. Helen Garner says:

    I like the idea of a “green” Mama pack. I would like to see useful samples of items that you wouldn’t necessarily think of and less of the leaflets which, as you say, just end up in the recycling bag.

  3. sonia roberts says:

    these sound great, wouldnt mind trying one of these.

  4. I didn’t even get a mama pack when I had my little man, lol! These sound great! I love the idea of a reusable bag.

  5. I think the ‘green’ bounty packs sound amazing!! I’m currently pregnant with baby number 3 and we have been seriously contemplating using re-usable nappies this time aroundd, so I think this pack would be amazing for us – to get to sample products before we make a big decision on which ones to get!!

  6. Zoe says:

    What a wonderful idea there is so much rubbish in the normal bounty pack and the majority of it is just blatent advertiaing for large companies.
    This is a great way tointroduce new mommies to eco products and shows that along with you normal green practices such as recycling, you can apply the same principle to your babies, go eco babies.

  7. Rebecca Jones says:

    I think its brilliant! I got so cross with the horrible freebies we got, that just made out like disposable EVERYTHING is best; I was given a can of coke in my bag! I think this is a really good thing, so people know alternatives exist.

  8. A Wiley says:

    I too got all excitied by the packs that you get when you’re expecting and that you receive on the ward after brith, but as you say, so much ends up in the bin… recycling in my home but i’m guessing landfill for a fair few others. Such a waste. My child is now 18 months old and we’re expecting another baby in November and i still haven’t used some of the samples from last time simply because they’re not all appropriate or pleasant. I was impressed looking through the long list of things included in these packs, especially as i’ve never heard of them before. There are so many ethical and “green” companies out there that i’m yet to find and this is a fantastic way to find out more about them and their products.

  9. I’m loving the ‘Sample of fruit flavoured liquid Iron’ always good to boost your iron intake after birth


  10. Carolina J. says:

    I think, this a fantastic and a well thought selection of products. (@pandcands)

  11. tracey says:

    These Mama packs sound brill, i have been trying to get one for months!

  12. What a fantastic idea, these packs are just what every new Mum really needs, the Bounty Packs are ok but I feel a lot of the leaflets are repeated and ends up in the recycling bin. At last a great pack filled with eco products that will be a fab treat!!

  13. marie says:

    sounds absolutley brilliant! me and my gorgeous lil man would love to try! xx

  14. these look a lot better than other packs that are given out , and seem to have a lot of great products in them , instead of leaflets!

  15. Sarah Hodgetts says:

    Wow! I’ve only just found out that these existed! 19 weeks today with our first, so plenty of time to get hold of one for myself! Whilst I agree, they sound so much better than the Bounty pack, I was so pleased to find a voucher in my Bounty for a free BumGenius (page 125 of ‘you and your pregnancy’ book in case you were wondering!). I did wonder though why on earth mums get so excited about the pack. I was rather under-enthused after excitedly opening mine- like you all say, it’s full of useless leaflets that ended up in the recycling. If only the Mama Packs could be more readily available to educate new mums on the options and benefits of a ‘greener’ lifestyle.

    To Claire: Congratulations on number three! Jump in with both feet on the reusables – what could go wrong – I had a burst of ebaying and spent £180 on a mix of 40 reusables (BumGenius, Nature Babies, Tots Bots and Motherease) – so plenty more than recommended!! I’m going to give it my best shot with them, but worst case scenario, I give up and resell them – nothing to lose and a lot to gain!! Even if you try just a few and alternate them with disposables, that’s still hundreds less in landfill!

    To Rebecca: A can of Coke? Are you serious? THIS is what the NHS are promoting??? They might as well put a packet of cigarettes in there. (Okay, perhaps that’s an over-exaggeration). But how in any way is that beneficial, or even related to what I thought the purpose of these packs were?

    Sorry if that turned into a bit of a Bounty rant, but it just seems so unfair that all those rich, unethical companies have such direct access to mothers who are given so much information at one time, it’s easy to be influenced by things like freebies.

    Rant over – and kudos to the Mama Pack! Here’s hoping it outlives the Bounty!

  16. Ooh I do love mama packs – wish they were the standard giveaway for mums instead of smelly Bounty packs! x

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