Chloe’s ‘Wear a hat inside day’

Well it is for Chloe at least, who has decided she simply MUST wear this hat. Then she takes it off, attempts a few times to put it back on again,  gives it to me to put on her head, then goes off running round the living room and finally goes to look at herself in the mirror for a bit before taking it off again, and repeat. Who needs the mountain of toys she has when a simple hat is so entertaining!

Well in other news, we are still waiting for Chloe’s passport, despite paying nearly double the normal amount to get a fast track one week service, it has now been a month and nothing. Apparently they tried to deliver it once but we werent home, no card left, no attempt to re-deliver or contact us, nothing. So Daddy went to the passport offices in Liverpool and they said they would send it back out, but that was over a week ago! Fingers crossed it arrives today/very soon or we’re going to have to push the holiday back a week or so, we’re meant to be going on the 17th!

Also in other not so good news, Daddy has been having to work super hard at the minute, meaning we havent seen him much at all. Usually he works away monday to friday (sometimes he drives home on a Wednesday to see us but he doesnt get in till 8pm) which is hard enough as it is but he’s had to work both saturday and sunday this weekend! He drove home on sunday night, got in about 6pm, we had dinner together, played with Chloe, bathed and put her to bed and then he left just after 8pm to drive back to Liverpool for his early start on monday morning. And he might have to work all this weekend as well. Of course the extra pennies will be lovely with Chloe’s birthday coming up etc but I’d much rather have Daddy home and so would Chloe. I love watching them play together, Chloe acts totally different to when she plays with me, roll on holiday I guess!

And yes, moving house or not as the case may be. Nothing seems to be going right at the minute and it looks like the house we love (the house were I’ve been mentally planning our future around for the next few years) isnt to be. Grr! Why is it just so hard, I dont know whether to keep looking or stay renting for longer, is it too much to ask just for a front door that’s ours? Still I’m just trying to focus on the holiday (whenever that might be!) and then when we get back I’ll be planning Chloe’s birthday (how can she be nearly two!) and then Christmas. Distraction is the key to stopping it all fall apart!

But time to go play the hat game with Chloe some more and to appreciate all that I’ve got. Have a great Tuesday everyone.

Michelle xx

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