A spot of shopping

Ooops, yes I’ve been doing some spending of late but I put it down to the stress of the holiday planning/house buying and that Daddy has been working away lots – so what’s a girl to do other than indulge in some retail therapy! So thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been buying, not all have arrived yet and some of it is for Chloe’s birthday or our holiday but still, shopping is shopping!

Firstly and very importantly, a new Cuski for Chloe, we first got her a Cuski comforter when she was only a few days old and in SCBU, and since then she loves to snuggle up and drift off with it (and occasionally chew on it!). So much so that we got her a new pink one for her first birthday – which she also loves, so we thought we’d get her another new one this year. And luckily enough they had a special offer of buy one limited edition Royal Princess Cuski and get another free! So we might let her have one new one for the holiday – I’m sure it will help settle with all the travelling and being in a new place etc and the other for her birthday.

Speaking of Chloe’s birthday, I’ve also ordered some cute PJ’s from Next, it was a kind of made up tradition in my house that my mum would always buy me new PJs at Christmas when I was little but I thought Chloe would get a bit more use out of them if she got them for her birthday, maybe I’ll get some as well for Christmas who knows! But it will be nice when she’s older and can look forward to picking the new ones herself!

And I’ve also collected a few new books for Chloe’s birthday too, it’s so very hard not to just give them to her straight away! I have to literally take them upstairs with only the briefest of opening the box to check to make sure they are what I’ve ordered and then hide them away in the wardrobe!

And lastly some Liz Earle goodies, well this was a bit of a treat for mummy, especially after the sunburn that I had the other week. I thought it was about time I showed my skin some love and it all came so beautifully wrapped that it felt like it was my birthday or something! I remember my mum having some Liz Earle products years ago and I thought it was about time I tried something new, so I ordered their famous hot cloth cleanser set with moisturiser and it came with a little free travel set – so really it was needed for holiday! And I’ve only been using it a week or so but wow it rocks, seriously impressed, no more dry skin, no more feeling greasy after putting on the moisturiser, perfect, expect a full review to follow!

I still have a list of things to get for Chloe birthday, but they will have to hold fire until we get back from holiday and had the next payday! But on the list to get is some new bedding, as we’ll be finally turning Chloe’s cotbed into a ‘real’ bed so I though some nice new bedding would be good, I’m not sure what or where from yet though! And I’d love to get Chloe a big doll’s house but I’m not sure whether to hold off on that until Christmas, as we might be moving etc but we’ll see. Also on the list is some Duplo and Happyland pieces – which I’m sure the Nannies will be eager to get her.

The only no-no things on Chloe’s birthday list really is clothes, as she has so many and because she’s on the petite side, usually everything people get for her are far too big and she wont fit into until the next season when it’s not needed (heavy coats in summer!). Or they get a smaller size but it’s too short for her so just looks wrong, oh the joys of not having a ‘normal’ sized toddler – whatever that is! It’s a bit of a science shopping for Chloe and I’ve found it’s so much easier to shop online or in stores where I know if they cut on the small/long/big size so we can try on a few different sizes and things with elasticated adjustable waists are a godsend! So I know it’s mean and everyone always wants to buy her a cute outfit or two but we actually have dresses from last Christmas that are only starting to fit her now so really it just seems a bit of a waste. And really toddlers would much rather have a toy then clothes any day – or in Chloe’s case, playing with the wrapping paper is always fun.

Okay so that turned into a bit of an off topic talk about Chloe’s birthday really but I am just a wee bit excited about it! Two years, I cant believe it’s gone by so quick! Anyway normal service will resume soon I promise!

Michelle xx

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