It never rains but it pours

Well the news this week is that our holiday that we’ve had to move about due to OH’s work might actually have to wait till the new year. Great! There’s a big box in the bedroom of bits and pieces I’ve bought for the holiday that I just feel like kicking. But fingers crossed they can sort something else and we can have a week away with just the three of us spending some quality time together!

Then we got a call from the Estate Agents, the offer we put in on the house we want has been accepted (good news!) but the vendors have had their offer on the house they want rejected. So we either just have to sit and wait until they can find another house or we have to start looking elsewhere. But again who knows, maybe they can find another house tomorrow, put an offer in, have it accepted and we can all be back on track. Hopefully if they do find another house it wont be in a long chain, as the one they were originally after is currently empty and as we’re renting it was going to be nice and simple. I have nightmares about getting stuck in a big chain and someone near the bottom pulling out or what have you weeks before completion. So yes it never rains but it pours and I am feeling pretty down at the minute.

But in good news, Chloe is now saying ‘wow’ to everything, her new favourite word of the week. She is just so amazing and sometimes I still find it hard to think that she’s ours forever!! And in a month and a few days my clever, funny, beautiful little girl is going to be two. We’ve had her in our lives for two years and it’s gone so quickly, I really cant imagine our life without her and she has honestly made me such a better person. Oh I’ve gone all misty eyed now!!

Okay so well, not a great start to the week but I guess you just have to appreciate what you’ve got sometimes and everything happens for a reason, you just have to ride it out. As always, thanks for reading and I will try to get back on track and post some reviews and things that have been swirling around in my head.

Michelle xx

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