A little catch up

Okay so firstly let’s not talk about houses/moving or holidays – there’s been no change on the buying the house we want or the re-booking of our holiday due to Daddy’s work! Anyway I’m not going to dwell on it, what will be will be, so moving on to better stuff.

We went to an open day at a local farm the other weekend and we had lots of fun looking at the piggies, etc and Chloe went on the Bouncy Castle – which she so wasnt sure about and barely let go of me! And we had a wander around the craft stalls and I fell in love with these super cute Owl hooks, I think I may have found a theme for Chloe’s room (when we do actually move!). Oh and we also got Chloe a new book, ‘That’s not my dolly’, she loves that range of books and I will never say no to buying Chloe books – maybe I’ll regret saying that in the future if she turns into a monster book-worm like me! I dont think we bought anything else there, I did want to get some stuff from the farm shop but it was over a week till payday so was very good!

Some lovely things arrived this week for Chloe (who else!), first were two new Cuski’s, I really really need to do a review on these as Chloe loves hers so much and if she loves them then we do too! These were on special offer so we got both the limited edition Princess and Prince Cuski’s. They were meant to be for her birthday – following on from the one she had in SCBU and then another on her 1st birthday but I  figured they’d need washing first so that when she opens them on her birthday she can have them straight away. But then she saw them out of their box and that was it, kisses and hugs for them etc etc. So now we have 4 in total, but this is always useful as the other day she had both of her old ones (one was freshly washed and the other was in her laundry basket to be washed but she ‘rescued’ it) and she then decided that maybe they needed a bath……………… in the toilet! So at least if something like that happens we have spares! Its not that Chloe ‘needs’ one to sleep but if she’s ever ill, stressed or we go away somewhere or what have you then they do comfort her and she just likes them! I might actually leave one in the car so maybe she’ll find long car journeys easier – not that she has a problem but anything that makes life smoother is good!

Also I ordered a Littlelife backpack for Chloe, it’s so so cute and has a detachable handle to hold so she cant make a break for it. As soon as she saw it she wanted in on and proceeded to do a dance and she wore it around town on saturday and it was great. Really pleased with that.

One of the reasons for going into town is that there was a bit of a bargain on a Happyland train set – half price with a free station worth £16. But the Mothercare/ELC in town were sold out but on the way home we pass a ‘Mothercare World’ – not that actually it’s that big but they had it! It wasnt priced up as half price or even on offer (which is probably why they had stock left!) so for £19 we got the train (£38) and the station (£16), so a super super bargain and would have been great for Chloe’s birthday…….. if we hadnt proceeded to come straight home and set it up for her to play with! I definitely wouldnt have paid full price for them both but they are well worth £19 and Chloe loved sitting in the middle of the track and putting the people in the train to make it go.

Other then the train set we didnt buy anything in town – roll on payday! But we did have a Pizza Hut for dinner as it was Daddy’s birthday on tuesday, dont worry he did get actual presents too not just a pizza – not that he wouldnt mind having just a pizza present!

And lastly here’s a pic from the other week, where we played with some play doh and stuck pipe cleaners and jewels/buttons etc into it and had lots of fun. We might actually do it again at the weekend so Daddy can join in, we’re still working on colours with Chloe so all the different colours in one place is great.

Also did I mention it’s payday soon? Oh yeah well yes it’s friday, this has been a long month as it was our first 5 week month due to Daddy’s work changing how they get paid etc etc. So we’ve been very good and had to stretch a bit further than usual but I’ve been virtual window shopping like crazy!! So far on my list is a breadmaker, freshly baked bread with jam, yes please! But the one in the pic and link that I really really is £159, but it does actually make jam too, but yes okay so I’ll actually need to save up for it, maybe an Xmas present.

Also for Chloe’s birthday, we want to get her new bedding, as we’re turning her cotbed into a big bed, so off come the sides and she needs a proper pillow and duvet – no more grobags! And we need new pillows for us, as I’ve been sleeping so terribly of late and I hate our pillows so that’s on the list too. We do also need a new winter duvet but that will definitely have to wait, january sales here we come! Also I am becoming a bit addicted to Liz Earle goodies (review will come soon!). And I do actually need a new tinted moisturiser, as I hate foundation and my old tinted moisturiser needs replacing and LE have just bought out their new tinted moisturiser – see how I’m trying to justify it? So yeah that’s on the list for me. I’m not going to be able to end up getting even half the bits on the list but I just like to make lists and I actually re-write them out all the time and the satisfaction of actually crossing something off the list is great! But moving on from my slight eccentricities!

Okay so time to go do some bits, I shall leave you with another pic, quite a pic packed post today but this one is just so so cute of Chloe in her new wellies and raincoat (yes another spend on Chloe – yay for our Next account!).

Michelle xx

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