No news is good news

Well I’m back after my short hiatus (that sound better then ‘quietly brooding’ right?) after it seemed everything was going wrong – and by everything yes I mean just the holiday postponement and the stalemate on the house buying. But one good thing this week was Daddy started work on a new site (that he’s running, so we had lots of running around at the weekend buying him new shirts and ties etc – he looks so smart all suited up!) he and so is home every night!! I’d almost forgotten what it was like to have someone other than Chloe to talk to talk of an evening! And of course Chloe is loving having Daddy home in time for dinner, play, bath and bed, plus it tired her out a treat! The only downside is there seems to be double the amount of washing up/cleaning to do but it’s so worth it!

And as if that wasnt enough, Daddy tried to surprise me by ordering some Liz Earle goodies for me, but he couldnt keep it a secret so told me about it! It’s a gorgeous little set – dare I say it perfect for holiday (hopefully soon)!!!! I love the bag it comes in, so well thought out and some bits I havent tried yet, which reminds me I must do a post on the stuff I haven been using. So far I’ve loved everything I’ve tried and have actually made myself a Liz Earle wish list for Christmas – is that just a bit sad lol?

And I’ve washed Chloe’s new bedding set ready to get her cotbed turned into a big girl bed but have just remembered that we’re probably going to need a bed guard as Chloe does gymnastics in her sleep and I dont want her falling out. So it looks like more shopping at the weekend. Oh and it’s less than 3 weeks till she turns two, eeps! Still not sure what we’re doing except Daddy has the day off and we’re going to go to Eureka. I did have big dreams of making a cake for her but we dont have a mixer or cake tins, etc and I’m not the best baker. So I’m thinking of just buying a nice cake and then icing it ourselves or just buying an iced cake I’m not sure! Think I might start planning it over dinner tonight with Daddy!

And in general Chloe news, she is now a super talker on the phone. When Daddy was working away and I tried to get her to talk to him on the phone – nothing, she’d listen to a second then run away. Now however she’ll pick anything phone shaped up and go ‘Hallo, yes? yeah?, Bye’ or something along those lines, it’s so funny and cute! Oh and that reminds me, we got her measured again for shoes and she’s now a 5G! So we got her some some gorgeous purple boots, till definitely have to take pics on her in them, I just wish they werent quite so expensive!!

Right anyway, hoovering downstairs done, Chloe is stirring from her nap and so it’s time to hoover upstairs. Am secretly hoping the cleaning elves might come whilst I’m upstairs and wash the kitchen floor for me but I’m guessing probably not,  oh well.

Michelle xx

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