Nappy and other news

It’s come around to that time again when I look at all the many nappies we own and think ‘Ooops! Did I really buy all of those?’ and also I realise that we have a lot of pretty nappies that I love to look at but they dont necessarily get on well with Chloe’s shape or mega wee’s. So I’ve been ruthless and sorted them all out, even some of our new Tutto’s in the lovely limted edition prints, they are just too baggy when on, so I dont use them much.

I’ve already got plans for the funds from the sale of them, I shall get slightly boring but workhorse nappies, and if I see any training pants on offer then I think I should start stocking up on them. Chloe’s not really showing much sign of realising when she’s wet or has any interest in the potty but I’d rather have some waiting in the wings ready. There’s been quite a few ones released of late, I think nappy makers have spotted that us fluff addicts want to carry on with the fluff goodness for as long as possible! The Bumgenius, GroVia and Close Parent ones look good, I am interested to see how they compare to eachother.

I do currently have a Thirsties Duo Diaper on order, I adore the Alice Brights pattern and love the fact it comes in snaps, has a self unstuffing sleeve for the insert and the insert is in two parts, one hemp one microterry. Sounds too good to be true! I’ve also just got some of the Thirsties hemp inserts and have been using them in all our pocket nappies with the normal mf insert on top and I love them. Still really trim but makes them all go much much longer and it’s the perfect pocket insert size, I wish I’d found these sooner and am going to get a few more when I can.

I was a tad naughty a few weeks ago and ordered a new Goodmama nappy, but to be fair GM’s are possibly the only fitted that is really fitting Chloe superbly at the minute, others are okay but the GM’s are so snug and brilliant. I did also want some more of their amazing wipes, they were out of the girly print ones that I got last time but I’m sure the other kind will be fabby. I’ll definitely be keeping these wipes for when we have another baby as they are just so good and gorgeous!

I think that’s about it in nappy news! Oh other than I’m gutted I missed out on the new Fuzzi Bunz Elite cupcake printed nappies!! I ordered one today but it was too late and they were out of stock already! Grrr! I could get a plain coloured one but I really wanted the cupcake one, so I’m hoping some more come in soon as I do want to see what the new minky inserts are like and other improvements!

Edit: Have found out that both Babi Pur and Funky Monkey Pants have some of the patterned new Elite nappies, so I’ve asked Emma at FMP to put one aside for me, phew the relief!! I think Babi Pur are putting their stock up later today but FMP has theirs up now and have 2 of the other prints and all the plain colours and the printed training pants – I so want to get the ‘Princess in Training’ one for Chloe!!

In other news, its raining here, I burnt my hand when cooking dinner the other night and I’m collecting bits and pieces for Chloe’s birthday everywhere we go. Some more books (although I gave her one early as it looked so good) and a really cute little baking set, apron, hat (which she’ll probably never wear), rolling-pin, whisk etc, it’s soo cute and I’m going to have to hide it away now before I cave in and let her have it to make cupcakes with!

Right off to go start thinking what we’re going to have for dinner!

Michelle xx

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2 Responses to Nappy and other news

  1. I’m thinking of doing the same. I’m a huge fan of AIO and am thinking of de-stashing some of my BtP to invest in some new ones. The trouble is, you start shopping for one thing and you end up getting tempted by all the pretty designs!

    Babi Pur are listing some new Fuzzi’s tomorrow – no idea if they’ll include a cupcake one but it’s worth a shot.

    • Michelle says:

      Great minds think alike! I just saw Babi Pur’s post on FB and have already asked if they’re going to be stocking any of the printed ones, fingers crossed!!


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