gNappies (gDiapers) are here!

I remember a long time ago before Chloe was born and I was investigating cloth nappies, most of the information I could find was on US forums and blogs. A name that kept popping up was gDiapers – how they were cute, trim, saved you even more money as they were an AI2 with a reusable outer but you could use either cloth inserts or bio degradable ones, so had the convenience of having a bit of everything. I wanted them and was convinced that these were the nappies we needed to have!

But alas at the time no was was stocking them in the UK, and I couldnt find any sellers that would ship them outside the US. I even emailed gDiapers direct and asked if I could buy some and pay the international shipping but they said no. So anyway I moved on but whenever I see a gDiaper review I always read it and think of it as the nappy that got away!

That is until now, last week I had a call from the lovely Alix at Cheeks and Cherries about an order that I’d placed and she mentioned that they were going to be stocking gDiapers (or gNappies as they have branded them over here). I was super excited and Alix super kindly even sent us a gorgeous one to give our thoughts on!!  It’s a lovely pink one with a gorgeous ruffly bum (exactly the one I remember pining after all that time ago), it’s an old design which wont be stocked here to my knowledge but I do love the bright plain colours – especially the Gooseberry purple one. I do have to say they take a bit of getting used to, the snap in pouch is totally new to anything I’ve tried before and it is odd doing the velcro tabs up at the back! But it gives the trimmest fit to anything else I can think of and its been working great for us so far. Alix didnt have a spare cloth insert for us but I’ve been trying a few things from prefolds folded up and a standard spare hemp and mf insert and they all fit into the pouch fine (it’s a medium size in case anyone wonders).

The only problem is they you cant just buy one shell, one pouch and one insert, they’re all in big packs atm, but Alix is on the case, and hopefully will be able to offer trial packs soon. But still even just ordering a shell and a pouch and then use using your own inserts like I am can give you a great feel for them before you splurge on a bigger set! Anyway I could go on and on but I think I’ll just keep using it a bit longer and try to do a full review on it ASAP.

Edit: You can save 10% off any order of gNappies at Cheeks and Cherries using the code GNAPPY10 and if you want to save even more pennies then maybe think about ordering with a friend to try and splitting the packs, If anyone fancies splitting with me then give me a shout and as always there’s free shipping at C&C!!

Michelle xx

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