Itti Bitti new prints for Oct 2011

It seems only a few weeks since I did a post about Itti Bitti’s new prints (here), actually it was the end of July/start of August they were released but still that’s only two months ago so not long ago at all. So I was surprised to hear that they have another set of limited edition prints ready to go!! This maybe answers my question about why there were only 4 released last time when the time before there were 7, I guess they want to release new prints more regularly so small batches must be easier to achieve. I cant see them releasing new ones every two months thought, I’d guess every 3/4 months would be more average but know knows?

From left to right: Gerry, Eton, Daquiri, Galaxy, and Wo-Bott

So anyway, to the prints, yay or nay? There are 5 new prints and I’d say these are more gender neutral/boyish then the last lot . But that’s not a problem as to be honest I think mostly those with little boys dont always get a fair deal in things like this. Gerry is nice although it does look a bit dark as does Eton but I do really like that one its a nice mix of rich colours, great for a boy. I’m not 100% sure on the Daquiri, I think it’s one of those you have to see in your hands and either love it or hate it type, It looks better I think on the blankets in a larger area and they are doing the matching wetbags in all prints too. Galaxy is again rather G/N I think and makes me think of Christmas! And lastly the Wo-Bott print, and name is super cute, I would snap this up if we had a boy!

But will I be getting any? I dont think so, I do like most of them but I’m not really taken enough to spend more money and get them. Especially knowing there might be a new range out in a few more months. I’m super impressed with the speed of Itti getting these out so quickly after the last lot but I’m thinking retailers might start to get a bit miffed, as if it’s always like this as they’d have to be constantly selling off ‘old editions’ to make room for the new!

Anyway these will be released 23rd October – I’m not 100% on whether that’s just in Australia and then we’ll have to wait a few weeks from that date till UK stockists get them but I’m sure all the usual places will sell them and start up pre-orders on them soon.

Other nappy makers take note – release new limited edition prints (or even just new colours) regularly and it’s a win. We like to feel that our nappies are special to us and unique (okay so they make hundreds of thousands in each limited run but still you know what I mean!). Oh the downside is please dont bring out yummy prints too quickly as bank managers everywhere will soon cotton on and we will have to start taking out ‘Fluffy loans’!

Michelle xx

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