Fluffy mail and birthday planning update

A quick catch up of what’s been arriving this past week or so, I’ve had so much going on with getting bits for Chloe’s birthday that I’ve not really had time to sit and take stock but oh my there has been some spending! But to be fair all the nappy purchases have either been things that I’ve paid for ages ago and only just arrived or they’ve been bought from the sale of the nappy culling that I had the other week. There’s still a few more bits to find new homes, I so wish I could just be content with what we’ve got rather than anyways being on the search for the ‘perfect’ one and being tempted into trying anything new. But as I always tell OH, once Chloe is out of nappies then this will all be gone so I should enjoy it whilst I can!!

So here we go, first is Chloe’s new Goodmama nappy, cant remember the name of the print but it’s lovely and as usual the fit is superb and absorbency is great. Actually GM’s are working much better on Chloe atm compared to her DnFs, she must have changed shape, although she’s still of the tall and skinny type! I also ordered some more of their lovely bamboo velour wipes as I love them and of course it makes sense to order things together because of the international postage. I have to say they didnt have any of the girly print wipes I got last time so I got their Rocktober set, some of them just arent to my taste at all but they feel so buttery soft I’m almost jealous!

Also I had a lovely bundle of fluff arrive from Funky Monkey Pants, you may remember my post about missing out on the new Fuzzi Bunz Elite ‘Cupcake’ nappy but luckily enough Emma had some in stock so I snapped one up along with some more Thirsties hemp inserts as I love them so much. Plus I wanted to try a Thirsties Duo Diaper and a few sample packets of Fuzzi Bunz detergent jumped into the basket (did I mention I’m not only addicted to fluffy stuff but anything new too?!). Emma also just got in some of the new Fuzzi Bunz training pants and sent us a gorgeous ‘Princess in Training’ pair, which are so cute! Potty training seems less daunting knowing that there’s pretty fluffy stuff to try out!

There’s been a few other fluffy bits and pieces, but I’ll surprise you with those when I do reviews! Which I’m hoping to get back up to date with ASAP.

In Chloe news, we (and by that I mean me) have been going a bit crazy with getting bits for Chloe’s birthday, along with the other bits I’ve mentioned before, I saw a Leapfrog interactive phone which has the voice of My Pal Scout (Chloe has the Violet version which she adores). And I knew she’d love it as she’d obsessed with playing with our phones and walking around going ‘Halloooo’. So I ordered her one I found on offer and well Daddy saw it and that was it, Chloe had to have it asap, so we had a weekend of Chloe being totally engrossed with playing with her new phone. But to be fair it helps with counting and things as well and I think a few ‘electronic/fancy’ toys are always good for variety. I’ve also ordered 6 gorgeous play silks in a rainbow of colours, Chloe loves dressing up so I’m sure she’ll love doing that with them and then when she’s a bit bigger she can do more creative things with them. Oh and I picked up a new sticker book for her as again she is a little obsessed with stickers at the minute, and will happily spend hours sticking them on a page, peeling them off and resticking them down – many a time have I come across her sticking them to her top, leg or whatever else is in easy reach.

And the last thing we’ve got her is a Wheely Bug, it arrived today and it is so gorgeous and feels so well made. We got her the tiger one or ‘iger’ as Chloe says, as it looks so cute and she loves going ‘roar’ when asked ‘What do tigers do?’. I’m itching to let her see it and play with it but I shall be very good and hide it away till next week. A week eek – I still cant believe she’ll be two!! Now I just need to sort out her cake and we’ll be all set! We’ve got my side of the family coming up this week and I’m sure she’ll be spoiled! Then of course Daddy’s family as well, so she’ll be a very lucky girl!

Also we turned her cotbed into a bed at the weekend and despite our nerves, she slept absolutely fine in it. The same as when we stopped putting her in a grobag and gave her a duvet and pillow – she was completely unfazed and just fell asleep and slept through the night like usual with no fuss! But on changing it into a bed, it’s just not that great, as a cot it was fine, nice and sturdy no problems at all. But as a bed, the mattress just slides about on the base and the bed guard we got for it just doesnt fit that well, there’s a big gap between the bed and wall and it’s just not how we imagined it would be. We were going to get Chloe a new mattress anyway, a nice pocketed spring one but Daddy has said why dont we just buy her a new bed and put the old cotbed in storage for the next baby! So of course I jumped at the chance to go shopping! I’m still not sure what one we’ll get but so far I’ve got my eye on one from the Great Little Trading Company – I’ve never bought anything from there before but they have so much lush stuff!! But now I’m in two minds about whether to get a toddler bed or just a single bed for her, decisions!

Whatever we decide it’ll have to wait till next payday and then also the hunt for the play kitchen for Christmas begins, eek!! Still it is so enjoyable searching and finding things that Chloe will love and then of course letting her have them! I’m so looking forward to us three going out for the day on her birthday too, best make sure the camera is fully charged!

Anyway off to go distract Chloe whilst I attempt to re-arrange her room again for the 3rd time!

Michelle xx

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