Review: Little Pea Pants fitted nappy

Little Pea Pants are gorgeous handmade cloth nappies from Australia which luckily enough are stocked at Baby Bum Boutique so we dont need a plane ticket to get our hands on them!

First thing’s first, these are fitted nappies so you will need to use a cover with them unless you want to risk going without – which we do occasionally but you do have to remember to check your LO frequently! They come in four sizes; newborn 7-15lb, small 10lb-20lb, medium 15lb-29lb, and large 20lb-40lb. We have a medium and I would say they’re cut on the generous side, Chloe is about 21lbs and there is plenty of room to last her, which is a plus as we probably wont need to get a large! Prices are usually from £15.75 to £19.50 for a large, however at the minute they’re on offer and are only £15.75 regardless of size. I must admit I hate having to pay more for a larger size – even though I know they take more fabric and time to make, so this is great but stock is low so if you want to get one, head over here asap!

The prints are really pretty, I havent seen any of them before and there’s some cute boy ones as well as more girlier types. They come in side snap, which I love as it means you can adjust the waist and leg snaps separately for a perfect fit – except the newborn size which comes in a front snap with a snap down bit for the umbilical cord. They have lovely stretchy elastic in the legs and in both the front and back of the waist, which really helps to get a snug fit. They have a serged finish to the leg stitching, which uses contrasting thread that also matches the snaps, and looks very pretty – I just love attention to small details like this! The outer is a cotton knit print with a hemp fleece inner and a contoured snap in insert made from a layer of zorb, 2 of cotton knit and 2 of flannel. And despite the insert being a little on the large side to ones I’m used to, it doesnt make the nappy too bulky between the legs and it is actually really absorbent.

Ease of use: Simply snap in the insert, do up and put on a cover, which I find I dont find any hassle at all, generally we pop some wool longies over the top so it’s just the same effort as if you were putting on a AIO nappy and trousers.

Performance: This has been really good, I was slightly skeptical with it not being a name I’d heard anything about but it’s done really well on Chloe, it lasts a good two and a half hours which is right along there with the well-known (and more expensive) fitteds we have. Also the containment is great, no leaking – I think the serged finish helps give an even snugger fit around the legs but it hasnt left any red marks on Chloe’s thighs. Drying time is surprisingly good, maybe I’m just used to OBV fitteds that take an age to dry but the LPP is much quicker. I popped it over the radiator yesterday morning (cold and rainy outside) and the heating was only on for a few hours but when I checked it in the evening it was dry.

Design: I love the style, the prints, the cute little label on the bum, and as mentioned the funky coloured serged trim and matching snaps, you can tell a lot of love and care has gone into making them. One thing I haven noticed is that after having the LPP on for a while, it does tend to squidge about a bit at the front and create a bit of a bulge – I think it’s down to the insert being quite soft and because Chloe’s quite skinny. I only really notice it when Chloe’s not got a cover on over the top so when under a wrap or some wool it must give it a bit of support and I dont notice.

Overall: I’m super super impressed with this nappy, I wish it was summer so we could show it off under cute dresses! The price, (especially at £15.75) is great for such a good and gorgeously pretty fitted. Even at full price I’d still be saying these are a great nappy, definitely worth a look if you’re new to trying fitted nappies or even if you have a stash of fitted but want something a bit new. And dont be put off by the fact that it’s not bamboo velour like other fitteds, it is still really absorbent (you gotta love zorb), there’s no trade off on a pretty nappy that doesnt perform well, as I said, it works just as well as some of our £20 well-known named fitteds (and dries quicker)! I love seeing the LPP on the shelf and it’s always one of the first of our fitteds I reach for as it just looks so bright and fresh (if that makes any sense) and yet trustworthy. And finally, well I just love saying the name ‘Little Pea Pants’, in fact it might be a new nickname for Chloe!

Michelle xx

I was sent the nappy mentioned in this post, however no compensation was received for writing this review, no one has told me what to say and all opinions (and spelling mistakes) are my own.

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