Our visit to Eureka

So on Wednesday we took ourselves off on a drive to Eureka, it was a pretty easy ride and took less than an hour – Chloe was quite happy ‘reading’ her Something Special magazine.

After paying £6 to park the car, we had to queue for about 10 mins and then £25 lighter for our tickets, we were in!! But the tickets do last a year and you can come back as many times as you like – I’m sure they’d like for you to make a donation on your next visit though. A lot of places do this and tbh I’m not sure whether I’d just prefer paying a bit less and go once and pay again if we go back. As we love going to different places and although it may be free entrance next time, there’s still the getting there, food costs etc. But anyway, ignore me, it’s just something I’ve noticed!

There was so much to see that I cant possibly do it justice here but Chloe was in her element, and seeing her almost giddy with excitement and being able to run around and touch everything was lovely. A lot of the exhibits were lost on her but as long as there was a button to push or a flap to lift, Chloe was a happy bunny.

We ate lunch there – which was quite expensive I thought, £20 odd, but the food was good and Chloe got some crayons in her kids pack and was quite happy colouring in the box it all came in.

And the craft room was amazing! It was packed and could have done with being bigger as there wasnt much space to move but they had a great range of things to do. Chloe had a good old stir of the jelly bath stuff – she didnt really like touching it but mixing it was fine!

Chloe was a star – we didnt take the pram and we didnt really carry Chloe much, she was on her feet virtually the whole time. She did start to flag towards the end and get a bit grumpy as tiredness set in. So we headed for the gift shop (another £20 something pounds) – I spotted a Guffalo wipeable tabbard for messy play that we had to get, along with some other bits and pieces. I have to say I did think the gift shop was lacking, I expected lots of craft stuff, wooden bits and unique things but there wasnt much past the usual branded Disney stuff you seem to get everywhere now.

And so we went for a little walk outside around the garden and then back to the car, where Chloe promptly fell asleep and we headed home. We had a lovely day, I would definitely recommend it. But maybe take a picnic with you to save on costs or find somewhere cheaper to park – I dont expect everywhere to have free parking and I dont mind paying a bit but £6 on top of tickets is a lot. I think we will go again – probably next summer as I’m sure Chloe will get so much more out of it when she’s a wee bit older.

Michelle xx



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