Yes I know its been a while but I just wasnt in the blogging zone for a few days and it’s one of those things, the more you put it off the harder it becomes to pick back up again. But here I am, and what better way to kick-start the blogging vibe then to confess to some shopping! Yes I’ve been naughty again and the extra pennies in Daddy’s last payday have been sucked up when really we should have put them away somewhere safe for a rainy day, whoops. But to be fair today was rainy……………

Right so after the big ‘Shall we get Chloe a toddler bed or just a single bed’ debate we kind of decided that it would make much more sense to go with just getting a single bed and screwing on some bed guards (and cheaper too). We were going to get it after Xmas in sales, but yesterday I saw that Great Little Trading Company were having an autumn sale and low and behold toddler beds and things were included! So I had a quick look, thinking there’d be nothing I liked but there were a few that we had been looking at not the other week and umming and ahhing about.

So I rang Daddy at work and we decided that if we could get a toddler bed and mattress for under £200 then we’d be happy if it only last Chloe 2 years before needing a bigger bed (but I’m sure it will last longer as she’s only 22lbs now at two, so it’d not like she’s a heavy little monkey). So anyway, Daddy originally was on the plus side for a toddler bed and I have to admit, Chloe looks tiny in her cotbed atm so she’d look lost in a single. There are a few other good points too, it’s closer to the floor so she can get in and out easier, it has little sides on it so we dont have to mess around with a bed guard and all the cotbed bedding we have will fit it, etc. And I’m sure even getting a single bed in the sales with a nice mattress would be over £200 still. So long story short, it’s ordered and on its way! The bed was £150 down to £75 and we even got an underbed drawer for it, £45 down to £36. I will be ordering the mattress elsewhere as although they were reduced, they are still pricey and we want to get her a pocket sprung ventiflow one, which we’ve seen at £90 rather then the £124 (down from £155). But a few other bits did jump into the basket at GLTC – it’s the first time I’ve bought anything from there but they have such amazingly lovely stuff! Will do pics when it arrives.

Oh and also Chloe’s Xmas stocking arrived from Mamas and Papas, I got it personalised to say ‘Chloe Boo’, and it’s lovely! Am feeling very Christmassy atm and already have plans for Xmas card making – have red glitter paint and green glitter paint on standby (love the ELC for crafty bits).

Oh and also we had more family up to visit on saturday, my Dad, Aunt, Uncle and Cousin came up to give Chloe more presents! She’s such a lucky girl and she absolutely loved seeing everyone and had kisses and hugs galore! We had a lovely time and even popped up to the local dairy farm (Our Cow Molly) which if you’re from the Sheffield area then you’ll know of and if not then it’s possibly worth a visit here just to try their amazing ice cream!! So yummy in fact that they all bought some to take home with them! I so wish we all lived a bit closer together as it was lovely seeing them but it goes too quick. Am hoping that we can find somewhere to stay near them for a night or two over the Xmas/new year break so we can get lots more hugs and kisses in.

Oh and that reminds me, Chloe’s new favourite word is ‘Ama’, it usually goes something like ‘Wow, ama!’. So yes ama is amazing! I didnt know I used the word so much but obviously I do! So cute! Will do an update on fluffy news next week as otherwise this post will end up being huge and I’ll have plenty of free time next week as Daddy has Modern Warfare 3 on preorder so will be glued to the XBox!

Michelle xx

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