Fluffy news and giveaways to enter

Firstly I’ve added updates to a few posts over the weekend that I’ve been meaning to do for ages. The Dunk N Fluff review with pics of the new insert and new pics to the Bright Star Baby review which has actually changed name as now they are called Peachy Green! But dont worry the nappies are still exactly the same!

And I thought I’d share two fab giveaways that are running at the minute that’d you’d be silly not to get in on!

Firstly Babi Pur are doing their ‘Win your Christmas Shopping’ giveaway again, where you could win £200 to spend with Babi Pur! Which would be amazing, as they sell not only fluff but gorgeous wooden toys, organic baby clothes and lots of other goodies. Head over to their blog post here for the details on how to enter (dont worry it’s super easy!). Closes Friday the 9th of December 2011.

And The Nappy Garden have a lovely giveaway on their blog too, where you can win a gorgeous looking pair of scrappy longies, like the one to the right (dont worry you can choose a more GN/boy colours if you wish!). We love using wool and have yet to try TNG wool but I’ve read nothing but fantastic things about them, so pop on over here to enter! Closes midnight 30th November 2011.

Good luck everyone!

Michelle xx

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