A productive week so far

Well so far this week I’ve had the big clear out and listed over 30 items on Ebay, I’m sure only 10 will sell but whatever doesnt will be off to the charity shop. I just want space back in the house rather than piles of outgrown clothes, toys, and stacks of books I’ll never read again. (I’m a total book worm and love reading but I hate reading books twice and I also hate them sat on the bookcase being unloved!).

Even if only 10 things sell then I think we should make £100, I’d love to spend the money on some storage solutions, a bookcase for Chloe’s every growing mountain of books and maybe something for the living room. I’ve had my eye on a gorgeous unit with basket – perfect for hiding toys in – but it is well over the £100 mark, sigh! But I think it’s already ear marked as going towards a new car seat for Chloe. The one we’ve got is fine just not perfect, it’s always the way, the one I wanted was more expensive and now I’d wish we’d gotten that one. And now even Daddy is getting fed up with the one we’ve got so we might get the original one after all! It will still be a rear facing car seat though as until Chloe starts hating it and fighting to get in it then we will keep her rear facing for as long as possible, if you want anymore info on extended rear facing then take a look at www.rearfacing.co.uk. Fives times safer in a front collision, yes please!

And so something I’ve been meaning to blog about for ages are my some current favourite blogs to read. The first is Homestead Emporium’s weblog, I’ve only just come across it in the last few weeks but when I have free time I’m constantly reading back through posts- eventually I’ll have read it all! It’s by Pieternella who runs Homestead Emporium, now I dont think I’ve done my HE pads (CSP) review yet but I love those pads! And her blog is about her business, family, life in general and she is a great photographer, and has a gorgeous family, house, animals, and scenery around her (she lives in Canada) which she captures beautifully. I’m really enjoying reading through it and taking a peek into their lives and also learning more about the business, I must add it to my blog roll list!

The second and third actually go together at the minute. I’ve long been a fan of The Imagination Tree for ages,  Anna has such fantastic ideas for play and in turn gives me ideas about new things to do. And this month she has joined up Hands on As We Grow and they are running a 30 Days To Hands On Play Challenge. Of course I meant to blog about this at the start of the month but forgot – but you can join in now or have a browse through the things they’ve been doing. I havent been following it exactly, but again it’s giving me ideas and reminded how important uninterrupted play is, giving your LO your full attention (no TV on, phone or other distractions) and letting them try something new and explore. And we’ve been including Daddy when he gets home from work too, and it’s lovely seeing Chloe so focused on doing things.

All definitely worth a look and bookmarking/subscribing to. And for today we shall be baking chocolate muffins, playing with Chloe’s Happyland village and train and doing what was yesterday’s challenge – playing with junk! Yes we have egg cartons, cardboard tubes, and I think we might paint them and decorate with feathers/buttons/whatever we fancy! Pictures to follow!

Michelle xx

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  1. I love The Imagination Tree and Hands on as we grow as well! Totally agree – they have fantastic ideas and are well worth checking out.

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