A spot of Christmas (decoration) shopping

Well we werent going to get start Christmas shopping for a few more weeks but I couldnt help myself! We went into town yesterday (there was a Christmas fair on too!) and bought a little tree and a ton of decorations! John Lewis has some gorgeous ones and I was spoilt for choice!

We didnt even do the whole Christmas tree and decorations late year as we ended up going down to stay at my Mums so it seemed pointless and Chloe wasnt really aware too much about what was going on. So I think we’re going all out this year, I’m not sure how long it’s going to take before the tree gets stripped of all the pretties but we’ll see. We’ve left putting it up at the minute but I think we’ll do it this weekend, (and I dont think I can wait until December 1st like I originally thought!).

Anyway here are a few of the pretties we bought, I could have got loads more but I was trying to be good and well they are expensive! Hopefully I might be able to catch some in the sale after Christmas so that next year (in our new house, where ever that might be!) we can get an even bigger tree and have more decorations!!

I havent really gone for a theme, just what I thought looked cute and what Chloe likes. I didnt see the point of getting the really expensive glass ones as I have a feeling the tree might go over a few times thanks to Chloe so didnt want to risk it this year! There’s so many more I wanted to buy, I might have to try picking up some more next time we go into town (we always end up parking in John Lewis and usually end up buying Chloe a book or a toy!). I love these button ones, might have to have a go at making some with Chloe if i can find from Christmassy buttons!

Oh and I’ve already got one of these hidden away to put up on the mantle or somewhere out of Chloe’s reach (lets me honest, not many places are these days!).

I’m not really a fan of ceiling Christmas decorations but me and Chloe will be making some paper chains and things to hang up over the next few weeks. Then it will be time to start Christmas shopping properly eek!!

Michelle xx

And in no way is this a sponsored post or have John Lewis asked/told me to write this post or paid/reimbursed me in anyway. I’ve written this because I love their stuff and just wanted to share, although if they’d like to give me a a free ‘supermarket sweep’ in their shop I’d be delighted! 😉

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