Fluff we love at the minute

The other week when I was having a big stash cull, our GroVia AI2 were going to be included. As although I wax lyrical about them and love them dearly, because we have so many pretty nappies these days I dont generally like to re-use the same covers as it gets boring but that defeats the point of the GroVia! So I thought I’d offer them up to a new home, however when OH saw this he said they were his favourite nappy to use! So I decided not to sell and then a few days later I saw that Fill Your Pants are now stocking them and they had the two new colours coming in soon! And well you know me, anything ‘new’!

The new colours are Surf – a teal/azure and Cloud – a grey and to be honest I love the look of them both! I have no problems buying a grey/boy coloured nappy for Chloe – I’m sure she wont mind! So I’m going to order them and re-ignite my love for the GroVia’s – they are  the perfect change bag/travel nappy. Plus I usually always change Chloe when she gets up and then again about 30-60 mins later after breakfast as she always pees when she has a drink so just being able to change the soaker then will be great and reduce washing a bit! And if Daddy likes them then that’s always a plus too!

Also I ordered a new Wee Notions night nappy awhile ago, it’s the newer version and actually it’s been really fab. Chloe’s dropped her midday bottle now but still has one at bedtime so maybe she’s generally peeing less, but the outside of the nappy (a lovely plush minky) is bone dry in the morning! And that’s without extra boosting, so I think we’ve turned a corner and I’m already eyeing up a few more for a Christmas present (to myself of course – I dont think Chloe would be impressed to open nappies on Christmas Day!).

We’ve been using a new Disana pull on over her night nappies, which was the first wool we ever tried back in the day. And I have to say they still work like a dream, lovely and soft, stretchy and no leaks, not even any dampness on the outside! Plus they are super cheap too, so well worth trying, I will pop up a quick review at some point.

Also I caved and bought some of the Tots Bots Easyfits in the new rainbow colours – I do find the colour names confusing and have to check what I’m ordering, as I always think Cherub is going to be red but its a blue and the red is called poppet (we have both colours plus a sweetpea, green). They are lovely and squishy, bomb proof and fast drying. I do pop in an extra booster but they are still quite slim fitting. Only downside is the velcro – argh! But I will perserver for a little while longer, at least until the velcro looks really tattty then I might get rid of them – I’m so picky arent I! They do have a new limited edition Christmas Easyfits out which although look cute – the gingerbread is my favourite, I wont be buying as I know full well that after Christmas I’ll no longer want to use it and at £17.99 they arent cheap!

Also something I’m looking forward to is the new BumGenius and Pop In nappies. The new Freetime from BG should be out in the new year I think and I will be getting one to try once preorders open somewhere. I’m not sure which of the new colours/prints to get though, the full info on them is in a post I wrote here.

There’s a nice sneak peak over on the Babi Pur blog, of the new Pop In nappies. The new colours look nice, not too keen on the white looking trim, the new prints look cute – but slightly too babyish in my opinion. They’re still keeping the minky and bamboo versions with the snap together inserts but they have been redesigned slightly. They still only come in velcro though which is a big disappointment, Pop Ins are one of the first nappies we had in our stash and worked great at night for Chloe till she was about one and started out peeing it. I’ll always recommend Pop Ins to someone new to cloth though, they are bomb proof and I’d probably have still have one in our stash as a spare if they werent velcro! I’ll do a full post on them when they launch and I’ve actually seen one, I’ve heard it should be in December but have yet to see an official date.

Edit January 2012: we have tried both the new +Bamboo and +Minkee version of the Pop-Ins, see here for the full review.

So that’s a quick nappy round up for now, I seem to be in a review writer’s block at the minute and I dont want to write just for the sake of writing but hopefully I’ll get some free time soon and get back in the groove!

Michelle xx

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6 Responses to Fluff we love at the minute

  1. mamabrein says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I have a question about your Disana wool cover. Í just got one recently, and I’m nervous about lanolizing. What kind of lanoline do you use and can you briefly explain how to lanolize? Thanks! 🙂

    • Michelle says:

      Hello, they are so fab and stretchy soft arent they!

      If they are brand new and need lanolising then I generally do them 2 or 3 times, the second time I turn them inside out to do. And use fresh water and lanolin each time. If they are a pair we’ve been using and need redoing, then I use a wool wash bar first to get them clean – very gently and then just lanolise once – or maybe twice if they are a night time pair.

      For the actual lanolising, I use an old plastic bucket, you can do it in the sink but I like to leave mine for a good 12 hours or overnight so a bucket is easier. You can use either liquid or solid lanolin, I’ve used both and prefer the solid, and I’ve always used lovely scented ones!

      I’m sure there are many other ways but I do it like this, I half fill a cup with boiling water from the kettle, and then get about 3/4 to a full teaspoon of solid lanolin out of the pot (depending on if they’re shorties or longies) and stir it in the water till it comes off the spoon. Then I stick it in the microwave and check every 10 seconds until the lump has melted away. Then I squirt a bit of baby bath (or even liquid hand soap) into the cup and mix it about until it all goes milky looking. Then I run warm water – not hot hot, into the bucket and pour the mixture from the cup into the stream of running water. I use enough water in the bucket so the wool will be covered and then give it a few good swishes to make sure it’s all dissolved and still a bit cloudy, you dont want clumps of lanolin on the surface of the water. Then I pop in the wool (it should be hand hot water no hotter), give it a bit of a squish about so it’s all wet and it all under the water and leave, usually overnight. I only do 1 item at a time as you might find you get a bit of colour leakage and I wouldnt want anything else to pick it up.

      In the morning, I remove from the water, and lightly squeeze out the water – dont wring the wool out. and then I lay it flat on a towel and roll the towel up and then squeeze to get out the water. Then I lay them flat to dry in the airing cupboard or somewhere warm or if they are new wool then I re-lanolise. When dry if they feel sticky to the touch then you probably used a bit too much lanolin, they will be okay to use and it will wear off with use or you can re-do if you wish.

      Hope that helps, it does seem a lot of effort at first but you really only need to re do them every few months or when they start to not smell clean when dry and it seems easier to do every time.

      Gosh I think I might have to turn this into a post!! Hope that helps! xx

      • mamabrein says:

        Wow, thanks so much for the instructions! I’ve been to 4 different shops looking for lanoline…it’s not to be found where I live. I’ll order some online this week and get started! I’ve got a size 86/92 for my 14 month old (10 kilo)…I hope it won’t shrink too much! Does this size sound about right or should I have sized up? I’ll let you know how it goes with lanolising. 🙂 I’ll blog about it in a few weeks…do you mind if I link to your instructions?

      • Michelle says:

        Glad I helped a bit, hopefully! Chloe is 28months and slightly over 10Kg and we have the same large size and they fit great, plenty of room to cover a bulky nappy. I dont think mine have ever really shrunk when lanolising – as long as you dont use really hot water. OH did once put a pair in the nappy wash and they came out tiny!!

        I’ve always bought Sheepish Grins or So Scrumptious lanolin although I’ve also heard great things about Woolishous wool care. I’ve only ever bought lanolin online, but I have heard that you can use Lansinoh if you have some about. There are plenty of videos on Youtube as well to help.

        And yes of course that’s fine 🙂 I will actually move this to the real nappy advice page as I have a ton of half finished ‘How to..’ to put up! so feel free to link to that page when you blog and post letting me know how it went!!

        Take care xx

  2. mamabrein says:

    Okay, I’ve got my wool soaking right now. What I’m nervous about is that the instructions on the wool say not to leave it to soak….but will it still lanolise properly if I don’t leave for several hours??? Thanks 🙂

    • Michelle says:

      Hi, sorry I’ve only just seen this comment! I obvisously have just never read the tag on the Disana pull ons, I always lanolise overnight! I think it’s probably because you get a bit of colour leakage but it’s never caused my woolies to look funny!

      If you’re using them for night I would definitely at least give them a good few hours soak and then redo a few times, for day time maybe you could just get away with twice? I think they will still get lanolised a little but you might get some dampness through, especially if your LO is sleeping in them or sat in them, moving around probably not so much. So you will have to do them again sooner then the normal few weeks/month of so that I leave them.

      I’m sure you’ve done fine and hope they work for you as well as they do for us!


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