Yes it’s official………..

I am a nappy advisor for Sheffield and a nappy Guru with Fill Your Pants! I’ve thought about being a proper real life nappy advisor plenty of times and have actually looked at the whole Nappy Guru thing and requested further info on it before but always chickened out thinking that I’d be rubbish at it. The main thing that got me this time is that Sheffield doesnt have any kind of real nappy network which is sad and I’m sure a lot more people would give it a go if they could actually chat to someone and see all the amazing new fluff there is.

I woudnt necessarily call myself a cloth nappy Guru but do I talk about cloth nappies here and on forums a lot, we’ve tried virtually every nappy on the market and well I just like helping people. So I do think that I have some knowledge of nappies (I think cloth nappies would have to be my specialised subject on Mastermind!).

So after having a lovely chat with Heidi at FYP (the Queen of the Guru’s) it was all put in motion. I’ve always been a fan of FYP and I remember one of our first cloth nappy purchases being some small BG AIOs from there (I hate to think of all the orders I’ve placed there since). So I am delighted to be working with them and it means I can show people a range of cloth nappies (I have a little demo bag full of new nappies) so people can actually feel and see them. Plus it means they can still get the free shipping, special offers and great range they have at FYP (did I mention they’re now stocking my favourite nappy the GroVia AI2).

This doesnt change anything in regards to the blog, all my reviews will still be honest regardless of where I get the products from. And they aren’t sponsoring the blog in any way shape or form, I dont have any advertising or sponsored/paid for posts, it’s just me doing my thing. I will earn a small commission from links to FYP – but only if you click-through and buy something, which of course you dont have to do! I’ve always included links when I talk about something so I’m not doing anything different in that regard, you can click and have a look, buy something or not. Any money that is made will just be put back into buying things to review and giveaway (so maybe the equivalent of a free nappy a year – we’re not talking serious amounts). I’m not looking for any help with the costs of running the blog, this is my hobby and like I said I’m not sponsored by anyone.

So to recap, nothing is changing with regards to the blog but I will make up a page about being a cloth nappy advisor, and if anyone in the Sheffield area wants to meet up for a chat and a look at some fluff (the newborn nappies are making me seriously broody!) then just drop me a line clothnappyinfo at gmail dot com. Or if you’re from further afield then I’m still here to give advise too via email or phone. My advise will be completely honest though and if I think a nappy that FYP doesnt stock might be good for you then I would of course tell you, and I’d tell FYP to think about stocking them! You dont have to buy anything from me at all, I’m just here to try to help spread the fluffy love karma.

So let the Guru-ing commence!

Michelle xx

Edit: Due to being super busy with the girls, I’m not longer a FYP guru but I am still super happy to help anyone who asks, if you leave a comment with your email address I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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2 Responses to Yes it’s official………..

  1. Heidi says:

    It’s great to have you on board Michelle, you have a wonderful product knowledge so we know you will be great!
    It’s so nice to see another blogger who blogs for the fun of it, instead of being sponsored and stuff 🙂 Hope you and Chloe are well!

    • Michelle says:

      Aww thank you! Any excuse to talk fluff with anyone is a good thing and spreading the fluff love is a great thing!
      And I agree with you, I love blogging and although freebies are nice, this isnt my ‘job’ so I dont expect to be told and certainly dont want to be told what to say!


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