Review: Liz Earle naturally active skincare

Liz Earle is a big name in skincare, they’ve been going for over 15 years and they believe in using only top quality natural, organic where possible, ingredients and nothing is tested on animals. They dont do big advertising campaigns but I would think most people will have heard the name, it is certainly one that I’ve read and heard only good things about and I’m by no means a beauty/skincare junkie.

So a bit of back history, I’ve always had quite dry skin, I’m terrible at staying hydrated during the day and especially since having Chloe I need a really great moisturiser as the ones I had previously been using just werent cutting it. I found that mid price brands, even those for dry skin would just either leave my skin feeling really greasy or within a few hours I’d get dry flakey patches on my forehead. So I tried a few more expensive brands, all sensitive types as my skin can flare up at anything (even gentle/sensitive things), they seemed to work better, no dry patches but I cant say they left me feeling radiant, glowing etc.

Then one day whilst doing some blog hopping (I forget where, sorry) I saw a post about the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser and the name rang a bell.  I remember when I was a teen, my Mum getting some Liz Earle goodies and she was super excited. So I went onto the website and had a look around and really liked what I saw. So then I did a search for reviews and read nothing but glowing reviews so I took the plunge and found myself buying the famous hot polish cleanser, toner/tonic and dry skin moisturiser plus I also got a free little travel kit, bonus! So it all arrived a few days later and wow presentation gets a gold star! I felt like it was my birthday unwrapping all the lovely stuff and they even included another little trial size product to try, lovely!

So how did I find it, well I’ve been using everything for three months now and (I’ll try not to gush too much) everything smells so lovely, light and fresh and my skin is seriously happy! The cleanser is fab, it’s a rich cream that you put on dry skin, over makeup and rub it all in – you can rub it over your eyes and not only does it magically dissolve mascara but it doesnt sting at all. Then you put the muslin cloth (which is really stiff when you first get it but after a wash goes lovely and soft) under hot/warm water, wring out and in circles buff/polish off the cleanser, which exfoliates too and when it’s really warm it feels divine!

Afterwards my skin is soft and not dry or tight, and then it’s time for the toner (skin tonic), which I got in the spray bottle, which is alcohol-free and it’s lovely to use, especially in the morning, super gentle and refreshing. I bet in the summer I’ll be using it all day as a cooling mist and yes it smells lovely and light and heavenly too! Then it’s onto the moisturising and this is my favourite thing ever, it feels really rich but isnt greasy and just sinks straight into my skin. Which is left feeling soft and looking radiant, dewy – all those things which everything always claims to do!

It sounds like a lot to do but it really doesnt take long and for those few minutes in the bathroom I feel like I’m having some kind of pampering treat! Which with Chloe in the other room playing the ‘let’s emptying all the drawers for Mummy’ game is quite amazing!

I have to say you’re meant to use it morning and night and well I only really use the whole routine it in the morning, unless I’ve been out and have had make up on – then I’ll use it before bed. With other moisturisers I might have to use them morning and again during the day, but with the Liz Earle dry/sensitive skin one, I’ve been using it once a day and it’s been fine, only now it’s getting wintery and cold am I putting it on again occasionally when I’ve come in from being outside etc. My skin has 100% never felt better and when I did actually have a sunday when I was being lazy and didnt use any of it, my skin looked terrible – dull, flakey and dry, so back to using it I went asap! I even actually used this on my skin after I got badly sunburnt (yes I know naughty) and it was very soothing and didnt irritate it at all.

In fact I love it so much that I’m going to be buying some more now, like right this second, as I cant bear the thought of running out of it (especially the moisturiser) and going back to dry flakey skin, and I want to treat my Mum to some – plus there’s a christmas offer where if you spend £70 you get another little cute treat bag of goodies worth £27 (which I might have to keep for myself!). I’ve only brought from Liz Earle direct and I think it’s worth it for the lush packaging and little freebies but it is also sold on QVC and in John Lewis stores.

Okay so gushing over, the prices, the cleanser comes in a 100ml pump starter kit for £13.75 and you get a muslin cloth with it, you can buy it in a tube, but I think the pump dispenser is better. The toner/skin tonic is £12.25 for a 200ml bottle or £12.50 for the spritzer spray bottle – which again I prefer. And the moisturiser which comes in a 50ml tube or jar is available in light, normal/combination, or dry/sensitive. There is also various set the hot polish cleanser comes in and different sizes, including mini sizes to try. They also do a tinted moisturiser – which again I’ve read rave reviews on, treatment masks, hand and foot creams, a shampoo and conditioner range – which I’ve tried and love, review to follow, and a men’s skincare range which I shall be treating Daddy to at Christmas. I’m completely in love with it and if you’re stuck with what you want for Christmas then I suggest directing your partner to the Liz Earle website and casually dropping hints how you’d love to try it or just ordering some goodies on their card!

Michelle xx

I bought the products mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no one asked me to and no compensation was received for reviewing them.

Update February 2012

I’m still loving my Liz Earle goodies and have tried the Superskin moisturiser (for super dry skin) and it’s lovely – I wish it had the same smell as the dry/sensitive one though. Daddy has been converted to the men’s range and the shaving cream is the best he’s ever used! It’s like he has baby-soft-never-had-stubble-before-in-his-life skin after he’s used it. I thought he’d used a new razor or something, it was incredibly close shave but it was just the cream and its still giving amazing results use after use. And yes I did actually sneakily use it on my legs and it was lovely too, I might have to get my own tube! Also I’ve been using the haircare range which they very kindly sent me to try, and the review is here, I love it and have been converted again – I think I need to start working for them! I cant recommend Liz Earle highly enough and I love buying from their website as my orders arrive so beautifully packaged and I love getting a little sample of something new to try! Sorry for gushing again but love, love, love them! That is all 🙂

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4 Responses to Review: Liz Earle naturally active skincare

  1. Heidi says:

    You have convinced me! I battle with my skin, I hate the fact that I am now a grown up, with horrible teenage skin, so I stocked up my basket with goodies as a pre-christmas treat and maybe I will be looking lovely for Christmas!
    I would definately recommend the Liz Earle Skin Secrets book, I used to work in a book store and I lusted after that book so much! It is so useful, I really must get it!

    • Michelle says:

      Oh it’s great to hear you’ve treated yourself, hope you love it all as much as I do!
      Will go and have a look at getting that book, maybe it can be another present OH gets me without him even knowing about it!
      Do pop back and let me know how you get on with the goodies!

      Take care


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