Christmas is coming, eek!

So as you may have seen from the weekend pictures we have our tree up, Chloe was the mastermind behind making sure everything was in the correct place and so far she’s been an absolute star about the tree. She does occasionally go over and inspect a decoration or even take one off the tree but she does always put it back (although sometimes in a different place – read a big group of decorations end up being piled up in one place). However we still need a few more bits for the tree, more shopping, we do have paper chains up and Chloe has decorated some green and red paper with glitter that I will cut out into little tree and other Christmas shapes and thread with ribbon and we’ll hang them up around the place.

I’m still torn about which play kitchen to get Chloe, but seeing as we have no where to store it, I can afford to wait till much closer to the day! But I have sneakily been getting a few books, new PJs, and little bits and bobs. Like this cute little play food set, the banana is so so cute! This weekend the goal is to sort out our Christmas cards, we usually get a cute picture of Chloe made into a card for family, but as yet no pictures have turned out to be a good enough quality – she’s just such a fidget! So we need to get that sorted and I could really do with sorting out what we’ve actually got for her that I’ve hidden away as I’m betting it’s more than I think! Oh and I’ve got Chloe a snowsuit ready for the bad weather – just need to get her remeasured for some snowboots – I hate to think of the price they’ll be and actually I could do with a pair myself!

I’ve booked us in to a Premier Inn for a few nights after Christmas down in Hertfordshire so we can spend a good few days with my family, which I’m so looking forward to, sales shopping with my Mum like the old days! I cant believe it’s actually Christmas day in two and a half weeks – thinking about it I need to get sorted a bit, I’m not sure what we’ll be having for Christmas dinner, well except that it’ll be a veggie delight! I have been organised enough to get all of Daddy’s presents ordered, just need Chloe to decide what she wants to get him. And then wrapping the presents, which I love doing, something good on the tv, lots of pretty paper and I’m a happy girl.

Oh and I need to sort out my cloth nappy advisor page, and I think there’s a few nappy reviews that are long overdue! I have to say though at the minute I’m loving our GroVia Hybrids, D’Lish SIO and Fuzzi Bunz elites! Thanks for reading!

Michelle xx

Edit: EEK! I’ve just seen that ELC have a half price toy sale and have picked up a few bits for Chloe but that’s it now, other than her kitchen I’m not getting her anything else! Still for just over £50 I got her one of those kids cameras, and a Leapfrog laptop thingy, 3 books and two Melissa and Doug wooden puzzle colour and counting toys. Yay, more things to wrap!

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