My blog is not…

….A place for people to vent their personal issues about someone else. I really do appreciate people taking the time to comment on my blog but I dont like people using comments to play childish name calling games. I have just removed a comment – which is something I do lightly but the comment was in no way helpful to the post it was placed on and was in essence bad mouthing someone.

If it was a constructive negative comment about a bad experience with shopping with them or a service/product then that’s fine and do please share but saying ‘she’s a bully’ is not something I expect to hear from another grown up without any explanation.

I’m sure the comment was only left due to a clash of personalities on Facebook/another forum and if that is the case then I suggest the person who left the comment sorts the issue out with the other lady like an adult and not use my personal blog.
I did in fact try to contact the poster but they left a fake email address and I assume name – I have some info from their IP address but I wont spend the time to follow it up.
Anyway, I just felt I had to post, it’s my blog so therefore my rules and I dont want to be dragged into other people’s drama! Now it’s time to go switch the heating on as it’s freezing and to have some sticker fun with Chloe, take care all.
Michelle xx
Thanks for understanding and if you do wish to comment constructively again then feel free.
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3 Responses to My blog is not…

  1. Deleting a comment is never an easy call to make Michelle. I did it once, and I thought long and hard before doing it. But in the end I came to the same conclusion you did – my blog, my rules. 🙂

    I put a comments policy in place after that –

    • Michelle says:

      Thanks, it is a hard thing to do but I dont want my blog to be full on negative and hurtful things especially when there’s no justification for it and it’s not even about me!

      Off to have a read at your post now, thanks 🙂

  2. shirleyharpley says:

    my little boy’s favorite snack is just plain old simple banana.

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