A quick hello

Yes I’m still here, and we all had a lovely Christmas. Chloe got far too many presents but it was lovely watching her open them and say ‘wow’ over and over again! I did mean to post more but I caught the lurgy from OH last week and was hoping it would be gone by the big day but sadly not. So I’ve been through all the stages of tiredness, sore throat, bunged up, headachey, snotty etc, lovely! Chloe has managed to only get a mild dose of it so she’s been fine.

Pics will be coming soon but we’re off to drive down to visit my family for a few days so I’ve been busy tidying up after the Christmas explosion and trying to sort out what we need to take for 3 days.

I hope everyone’s had a lovely Christmas too and spent some time with their family and loved ones. I cant believe that soon it will be the end of 2011 and a new year will begin, eek!! But for now must dash and finish repacking the bags to make sure I’ve not forgotten anything that we probably dont need but I like to take ‘just in case’!

Michelle xx

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