What we did yesterday

Well we spent some of the bank holiday going for a lovely family walk along Damflask reservoir. I think everyone else had the same idea too as it was busy but it was so beautiful.

We were gone for about two hours and Chloe walked the entire way, saying ‘ello’ to people coming towards us and saying ‘look’ at trees, twigs, anything that took her fancy. And how cute does look in her walking/snow boots, and she managed to keep her hat on nearly the whole way.

It was lovely, lots of fresh air, peace and quiet, we’ll be making it a regular thing, and will build our way up to walking round the whole reservoir – which might take awhile! Please excuse the picture overload, it’s just so pretty, one or two pictures wouldnt do it justice!


Michelle xx

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2 Responses to What we did yesterday

  1. Kirsty Fox says:

    Lovely photos! you can’t beat fresh air, it does us all the world of good and gives you a little boost. We went for a walk yesterday, but got a bit lost and all ended up back at home tired, cold and hungry, but never the less it was great fun!

    • Michelle says:

      Oh no @ getting lost, still a bit of adventure is always good!

      I was hoping Chloe would be so tired from the walk that she’d let me have a lay in this morning, but no such luck – where do they get the energy from!

      Hope you dont get lost next time! xx

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