Review: FuzziBunz Elite pocket nappy

FuzziBunz have redesigned their popular pocket nappy and have released the Elite, which is an all singing all dancing one size nappy that looks like a sized. Gone are the rise snaps on the front and inside is a set of fully adjustable elastics which will allow you to get a perfect fit for your LO. They’ve also redesigned the standard microfibre inserts most pocket nappies come with and have gone for minky inserts. And as if that wasnt enough, they also come in a large range of colours; pastels, brights and a limited range with funky slogans on.

So here are the details on this new Elite nappy, they are £14.95 for the plain colours and £15.95 for the ones with slogans. They are designed to fit from 7-35 pounds and you can get a snug fit every time with the button-adjustable waist and leg elastics, which give you 8+ settings on the legs and the waist adjusts to 4+ settings. To adjust the nappy you simply pull and re-button the elastic at the legs and waist, much like most childrens trousers. There are numbers marked on the elastics and a chart to refer to and help guide you but really you need to just try a few different settings. The elastics can be easily replaced and a spare set is actually included with every nappy.

They only come in snap fastenings, which is my prefered choice. And have three snaps on each wing, two for the waist and one for the thigh. There are no crossover snaps but seeing as you can tighten the back waist elastic then I dont really see it being an issue on smaller babies. Inside is a quick dry fleece, which feels super soft and will stay looking lovely and new for a while. As you can see from the pictures the front panel isnt as wide as other pockets so there’s less chance of wing droop. And because there’s no rise snaps it’s also lovely and streamlined looking when on.

Each nappy comes with two minky inserts, a small and larger one and they are meant to be better than microfibre as they are odour and stain resistant. Which are both part reasons for why I dont use mf but of course only time can really tell if the claims are true. I can say that they do make for a trimmer fit and absorbency wise I think they seem to be about the same, they do feel lovely and soft though and dry very quick.

As mentioned, for a limited time, FuzziBunz have also bought out some Elites that have funky slogans, like ‘Cloth is cool’, ‘My Little Cupcake’ etc digitally printed on the backs. Which is a nice addition, I’m hoping they refresh them a few times a year with new ones but I dont know if it’s a one off or not.

So how are we finding the Elite, well I’ve ended up buying 5 more so that must go some way to say how much I like them! The best thing is that as Chloe is small around the waist but has chunky thighs, I can adjust the leg elastic looser so that it still fits lovely and snug and there’s none of the excess fabric/rise snaps at the front. Plus they are super super trim between the legs, they honestly do fit like a sized nappy when on, I’d be hard pushed to guess it was a BTP nappy by just the look of it on. In the picture is an Elite on the largest setting next to the smallest setting. Apart from looking very cute the smallest setting one doesnt look as bulky as normal BTP nappies do on small settings.

Ease of use: Fantastic once you’ve adjusted it correctly, I will admit at first I was a little bewildered by the elastics and it did take a few goes to get the right settings for Chloe but now it’s done I can just forget about it till she has a growth spurt. I love how even with Chloe being skinny around the waist but with chunky thighs it still gives a lovely fit with no gapey bits.

Performance: With both minky inserts in we can get nearly 3 hours out of it which is very good for Chloe, if we use a bamboo insert on the bottom and a minky one on top then we can get nearer the 4 hours mark, oh and no leaks at all. The only thing to be careful of is the pocket channel is quite narrow so any spare inserts you might want to use to stuff the pocket with might not fit so well. I’ve been using the FB organic cotton inserts which are slim and flap open for faster drying. Drying time is great, the shell and especially the minky inserts dry in no time at all, quicker then other pockets and mf inserts, even when just on an airer inside. And the inserts still feel soft and fluffy and look good wash after wash – I’m not a fan of mf inserts, especially when they go grey and hard, so the minky ones are getting a thumbs up.

Design: I am so impressed with these,  they look like a sized nappy when on and the fit, especially between the legs is just so trim! I do find stuffing the pocket a bit of a faff, the pocket opening is lovely and big but the minky inserts seem to catch on the PUL side of the pocket and drag plus the fact that the pocket channel is very trim and not very wide does make it fiddly. But the narrow channel is the trade off of it being so trim between the legs when on and it’s a trade off I’ll happily accept. I really love the vibrant colours, there’s definitely something for everyone’s taste to choose from. The only real improvement I can see on the Elite is if the pocket were a sleeve design so there was no need to unstuff and if rather then numbers on the elastics, they had XL, L, M, S, XS just so it was easier to get to grips with.

Overall: These are a keeper for us and are now my (and Daddy’s) first to reach for pockets. I can definitely see these lasting from small baby to potty training – and being a great fit all long the way. I do actually prefer these then BumGenius V4s, the fit is just so much better. I did take a comparison picture to try and show the trimness between the BG V4 and the Elite, They are both on their largest setting and you can see how much narrower the Elite is between the legs.

These are great nappies, really well made, give a perfect fit, reliable, great range of funky colours (you can see them all here) and hopefully better than your standard pocket inserts. These are definitely a nappy I’d recommend to people new to cloth who want something easy and that will last but also to those wanting to pad out their stash with something reliable but funky – even if they arent a fan of standard pockets. The amazing fit of these just means they are too good for anyone to pass up on trying, they’re pretty much perfect.

Michelle xx

I bought the nappies mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it and no one told me what to write.

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