Nappy and other news

Yes I know it’s been a bit quite around here of late but I do have lots of things that just need finishing off – the list seems to get longer every day but just thought I’d put in a few mini updates now whilst I’ve got a few minutes to myself.

Firstly I did update the GroVia AI2/Hybrid review – it was just an excuse to show off the new colours, which I adore along with the nappy itself, they really are one of my all time favourites (and Daddy’s too). I also got another of the AIO’s – the reasoning behind was that I *needed* it to take pictures of for a review – I so need to go to nappy rehab!

And we have been trying the new Pop-ins, I have a pink +minky and a blue +bamboo (I’ll do them both in one review to make it easier to compare them). The fit of them seems the same and I’ve always loved the double leg gussets for a bomb proof fit. The prints wont be out for a few months from what I hear, the new bright colours are very nice though.

One thing I have noticed is the redesigned bamboo night booster is not the same. It’s now only one layer and has a microfleece piece sew across the middle. Personally I think they should have stuck to the 2 layer bamboo and just made of the of panels have a top layer of microfleece – the only side that touches baby as having it anywhere else in the booster just seems pointless or maybe I’m missing something? There was no big fanfare when they were launched, no big announcement, no giveaways, nothing, which is a bit of a shame as like I said Pop-in nappies are generally pretty reliable and I always think great for first timers to cloth. Sill other then the niggles above and the fact that they still only come in velcro they are a good nappy, the review of them will be next week, if Chloe plays ball and poses well!

Edit: the full review of both versions of Pop-In is now live, see here.

The BG Freetime nappy is now available to preorder at most BG stockists, and the new colours and prints are up to preorder across the different ranges as well. I am still very much looking forward to trying the Freetime, even though we arent a fan of full mf nappies, I do think they look to be designed well – I just wish there was some hemp/bamboo/organic cotton in there! I’m really loving the Lovelace, Albert, Dazzle and Mirror, new prints and colours – of course I cant afford to get them all but picking just one is proving to be tough!

In other news, Chloe loves her kitchen and I love it too! It is such good quality, I really recommend the KidKraft range – we have the sling bookcase too and that’s really fab. I spend the last of Chloe’s Christmas money on a Gruffalo Trunki!! It’s on back order but should be here in a few weeks, obviously I’m far more excited about it then Chloe, I love the Gruffalo and will happily read the books to her everyday.

So that’s about it, have just been relaxing (read – slacking a bit) after the Christmas rush, but now it’s time to gear up again, february is birthday’s/events galore season, with mine, MIL’s, my Aunty’s, Cousin’s 21st and my mum’s birthdays all in the space of a month and valentines day and mother’s day! Eek, I think I had better get planning ASAP! But for now I must get back to sorting through and uploading all of our Christmas pics so I can get them printed or email them to family – I am so behind this year!

Michelle xx

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