Review: Pop-In new generation, +bamboo and +minkee AI2 nappies

Pop-In nappies are well-known for being extremely reliable and easy to use, but now they have been improved. Gone are the old version 2/3 etc and now the ‘new generation’ has arrived and along with upgrades, they now come in not only pastel colours, but fab new bright colours – and prints are on the way in a few months!

So, Pop-Ins are a birth to potty (from around 8-35lbs) all-in-two nappy, they have four rows of poppers down the front rise which allow you to adjust it as your baby grows. They are £14.99 and come complete with the waterproof outer shell, a large snap in soaker and a smaller booster which snaps onto it. They come in two different types, a +bamboo or a +minkee. The bamboo version is of course the more absorbent, but the minkee is quicker to dry so fab for light wetters and those who find drying nappies an issue, like in flats etc. Here is a really great guide to help you if you’re unsure which to get and saves me having to waffle on.

So what’s the difference between the new generation compared to the older ones, well for starters all the soakers are now grey rather than matched to the colour of the shell. A little change but for the best in the long run, as the grey will hide any stains better. And if you’re like me and always like the inserts to match, now you dont have to spend time finding the blue inserts to put in the blue shell etc. The two soakers now snap together by a snap on a separate tag of fabric at the end of each insert, rather than by a snap through the insert. This should speed up drying time and improve washing, I’ve yet to test to see if they remain snapped together after they come out in the wash, but I’ll update next time.

The outer shell fabric has been improved, it’s what I can only describe as a soft light neoprene fabric, super soft, squishy and just lovely. They wash better and won’t go all bobbly like before, so they stay looking newer for longer. The inside of the shell now incorporates a polar fleece absorbent panel in the middle to help absorb excess liquid when the nappy gets saturated. This clever little addition should prevent compression leaks as liquid will be drawn into the centre of the nappy rather than out to the leg holes. The fit has also been improved to be more flexible with better sizing stages and the quality of the aplix is also better – although I’d still rather they came in a snap version.

The night time booster has had an overhaul too – it’s now only one layer of bamboo and has a polar fleece layer across the middle section of the booster which creates a stay dry barrier to keep baby’s skin dry and eliminates the need for a separate liner. As it’s thinner it is quicker to dry than the old night booster and it does still appear to do the job fine. But I have to say I think I would have preferred the older style as I’d rather have a bit extra absorbency and not always need it then only have just enough. But I do like the fleece section, I’m not sure why it runs across all 3 panels, as just having it on the top panel, the one next to babies skin would seem to do the trick but maybe I’m missing something.

The night time booster has been designed to easily slide over the top of the smaller soaker/booster, so it’s quick and easy to put on but should stay in place.  Oh and price, they are sold separately (unless you’re buying one of the Pop-In kits) and are £3.75, which is great value if it takes your nappy from day to night, rather than having to buy separate night nappies. You could always just use any booster in the Pop-In as they are quite roomy but for less the £4, I think they are worth getting a few to try – you could even use them in your non Pop-In nappies and try at night too!

And did I mention new colours and prints? Yes well, I wont go naming them all (the purple looks so nice though!) but there are 5 new bright colours, along with the old 5 pastel colours and there’s also 3 ‘special’ colours, rose pink, ocean blue and grey day. I’m not really sure why they are special or how long they are around for but if they are limited editions and get changed for new colours then that would be ace. Oh and a quick mention that the Pop-In wipes are also out in the new bright colours, which is fab as they are really nice wipes.

The new prints, which I think are due around March time are blue turtles, pink turtles, pink owls and monkeys.  It’s lovely to have such bright prints, I’m not sure they are to my particular tastes – love the colours but the actual prints look a little babyish. However saying that I do have a thing for owl nappies at the minute so I think that’s my favourite!

So how did we find the new generation, having used both of the older versions in the past. Well I do think they fit a bit more on the generous side, Chloe can get away with having the rise snapped up one setting, so that’s really good for bigger babies. The minkee does dry like a dream and stay lovely and soft, Chloe can get about 2, maybe 3 hours at a push with it unboosted but that’s not surprising really as she can out pee microfibre nappies in around the same time. The bamboo does last longer and can go 3 hours easy, but yes they do take longer to dry, generally I put them on the radiator or in the airing cupboard and they are good to go the next day. Pop-In have also released a new day time booster, but I’ve not tried them so cant really comment but you could easily use most slim boosters  – I tried a FuzziBunz insert in there and it fit fine.

Ease of Use: As they’re velcro then they are super easy to use but one of my bug bears with Pop-Ins – and I wish they had changed this, is that the laundry tabs are in the middle at the back of the nappy. So rather than usually being on the wing or at the sides at the back so you can just fold them back, with the Pop-Ins I have to roll Chloe to each side to do them up or wait until I take it fully off her. Of course if they came in snaps then that would solve that niggle and of course I’d be happier! Sliding the night time booster in place is nice and easy and you can leave the soakers snapped in when you put it in the wash, but me being me, I always unsnap soakers and booster as I like to think they’re getting a better wash.

Performance: If you have a heavy wetter then you can skip right to using the bamboo version, otherwise the minkee is fine for average wetters. They are still quite trim between the legs still which is good and I’ve always loved the great double leg gussets on Pop-Ins and am so glad they didnt change them. They give a great fit, no mess ever got past them (even back in the day when Chloe was doing morning pooplosions), and they are so soft there’s never been any red marks left behind. We did have a slight wetness leak once when wearing the minkee version but that was at the 3 hour mark and as mentioned, Chloe can get through a standard mf nappy in that time so I should have expected it.

Chloe has gone from being a super heavy night wetter and average day wetter to I would now say an average wetter at nights and heavyish day wetter. She generally needs a bit of boosting in day nappies with hemp or bamboo, or I have to change before the 3 hour mark and she couldnt last the night in a normal unboosted nappy but she no longer needs a custom made, super boosted night nappy. So I was unsure if the bamboo Pop-In with the night time booster would last 12 hours, but it did – granted the inserts were all soaking wet in the morning but there were no leaks, plus it isnt hugely bulky either! As mentioned I think I’d prefer the older night time booster, so that there was still a bit more absorbency there, just in case it was needed – she had a lay in or something (like that ever happens but still). I think this system will work for a lot of babies, heavy wetters probably not but at the price, it’s definitely worth a try. And for light wetters you could get away with the minkee version and a night time booster. The general performance is great, drying time is fab for the minkee, as to be expected for the bamboo and surprisingly good for the night time booster.

Design: The new colours are a lovely addition, as are the prints. The other new improvements are good, I just wish they would make them in snaps as I’m not a fan of velcro. I love the new shell, a huge improvement on the old style – which used to end up going bobbly after a few weeks and looked worn, this new material I can see looking good for years to come. The leg gussets are amazing, the reduction of a few snaps on the inserts is a small but well thought out touch and the trim fit of them is great – trimmer then a V4 on Chloe.

Overall: I’d have no hesitation with recommending Pop-Ins to someone starting with cloth as they are so simple to use, there’s a type for those who need something fast drying or have a heavier wetter and they can be used as a night nappy for those that dont have super heavy wetters, plus they now look very pretty! Will I be getting more for our stash? Sadly no – even though I really do like the new colours, if they came out with a snap version then I would definitely get some, especially if we had another baby, as I think they really come into their own with the bomb proofness and the ease of switching to a night nappy. I would rather have a Pop-In (in snaps) then say a BG V4 – it’s trimmer, the bamboo is much more absorbent and they’re a pound cheaper!

I do think these can be a great easy to use system for someone new to cloth, a complete kit that includes the night time boosters in and they’re all set. Even though the minkee version isnt great on Chloe now, the older version used to work fine on her when she was smaller, so I’m sure it’s great for the majority of younger babies. And they dry so quick that you could wash and use them again that evening so you’d need less nappies in your stash, saving you some pennies. Everyone new to cloth should try a Pop-In nappy and if you have issues with drying nappies – whether new or old to cloth then the minkee are well worth getting. If only they were available in snaps, as then I’d pick up a few of the new bright colours (and maybe the owl print) and they’d be a well used and reliable nappy in our stash!

Oh and they come with a fabby little booklet that has a fold out guide, showing you exactly what goes where, how to put on the night time booster etc which is very cute. And I couldnt help myself but find the pics of Chloe in the old style minkee (it was called Dream Dri back in 2010) Pop-In at 11 months old, if only she’d stay still long enough now for me to take a pic like that!

Michelle xx

I bought the nappies mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it.

My blog and posts aren’t sponsored in any way shape or form, but I do earn a small commission from links to Fill Your Pants – but only if you click-through and buy something, which of course you dont have to do. But any money that is made will just be put back into buying things to review and giveaway (maybe the equivalent of a free nappy a year – we’re not talking serious amounts).

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14 Responses to Review: Pop-In new generation, +bamboo and +minkee AI2 nappies

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  4. Mila says:

    Thanks for this review! I am super excited about the new Pop-In 🙂 I ordered 2 minkees to see how they work out. My daughter is a heavy wetter with sensitive skin, so I’m torn between bamboo (for absorption) and minkee (for stay-dry). I wish they’d make a bamboo topped with fleece.. in snaps! That would be the perfect diaper 🙂

    • Michelle says:

      Hello and thanks 🙂

      If they made these in snaps, I’d love it! You can buy extra snap in inserts, so maybe if you do need a boost you could buy bamboo ones, and use the big bamboo one with a minkee one on top? Or you could just use any smallish booster underneath the minkee ones I guess. Or have you tried using fleece liners over bamboo? We use Little Lamb Fleece liners and they are fab, really soft and will keep her feeling dry. Maybe that would be a good comprise if you did find you needed the bamboo ones?

      They are bomb proof nappies and I do actually like the new colours – it’s just the velcro! Maybe we should start designing our own nappies 😉

      Let us know how you get on and take care xx

      • Mila says:

        So, after using the Pop-In for a couple weeks now, I have to say Im not a fan. Although we haven’t had any leaks and it dries fast and fits well, I am very annoyed by the inside flaps that are supposed to cover both ends of inserts. They are flimsy and aleays come up as Im changing my wiggly baby. Also I agree with you about the laundry tabs – so inconvenient that they are in the middle: that part rubs on baby’s skin and its hard to fold tabs into place (or rather, you have to wait til you’ve changed baby)… I’m probably going to sell mine 😦

      • Michelle says:

        That’s sad to hear as they are a great nappy but the velcro is a big issue with me and it’s such a simple thing to move. I still recommend them as good nappies but I did sell mine in the end too – Close, if you’re reading this, please bring them out in snaps!!! xx

    • becky says:

      great review! did you find the night booster made the overall nappy slimmer for night than the older versions? I’ve never tried a pop in but have been slightly obsessing over the grape jam….!

      • Michelle says:

        Hi and thanks 🙂

        The new night time booster is slimmer and I think the new stretchy outer shell does make it slimmer then the older styles but I have to say I think I prefer the old night time boosters. The new one is only one layer whereas the old style is a double layer but as long as you dont have a super wetter then you’ll be fine with the new one. xx

      • becky says:

        Thanks, I might give one a try. V in love with my grovias at the moment though! They’re proving hard to beat for my lo but can’t stop eyeing up other nappies 😉

  5. jenny says:

    I just bought the shell, and was lead to believe the inserts were compatible with the old ones, but they have completely changed the poppers. Sad, as V1, 2, and 3 were all compatible.

    • Michelle says:

      Oh I didnt know that, I would have thought they were the same as they’re in the same positions – at least to the V3, it’s been awhile since I saw one of the original pop ins. If you’re using as a night nappy then you might be able to get away with the inserts not being snapped in. Hope you find a way! xx

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  7. lchayes says:

    I was pretty pleased with my pop-ins with my first child, although by the time he was 2 they were not absorbent enough for him at night even with the booster. I only used them for one year (from age 1 to 2 when he was potty trained in day and we reverted to disposable at night),

    BUT having started using them again with our daughter 3 months ago, I am really disappointed. I thought at first it was an absorbency problem and the inners needed stripping, so I did this. However, the main problem I have realised is that the outer shells have totally lost their waterproofness. This means after only 2 hours, her clothes are soaked and I am spending hours washing clothes each week. Really disappointed as these nappies get such good reviews and were v. expensive!

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