Another year…

Yes it’s that time again, when tomorrow birthday cards will be arriving on the doormat (well I hope there’s some!). Do I feel older and wiser? Well maybe, I’m sure I’ve learnt lots of new things in the last year but I also think I’ve forgotten a lot! And if by older you mean more tired then yes I do feel like that!

So what do I have my eye on for my birthday? Hmm how about a lovely long lie in, followed by snuggles with Chloe and a yummy coffee cake that makes you actually lose weight the more you eat. Okay so what am I actually going to get? I think a bread maker, I wanted one at christmas but I got a lovely new bag instead. I have visions of coming down in the morning to the smell of freshly baked bread. Although I do have a feeling it might be another of those things that I use for a week then shove to the back of the cupboard but we’ll see!

So if I’m MIA for a few days, then not to worry, I shall just be enjoying some family time, hopefully my mum will be making the journey up to spend a day with me, although the weather isnt idea atm, so we shall see! Right this minute though I have to go deal with a poorly Chloe, who has a nasty cough and so sharing the bed with her at night hasnt been conducive to a well rested night. And the chances of me developing the cough for my birthday are probably very high, I think I had better get in some of that coffee cake – I hear it does wonders for coughs!!

Michelle xx

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