Fluffy happenings

It’s been far too long since I shared my fluffy shopping!! Firstly I finally received my BG Freetime the other day, I had it preordered from Baba Me but after a week it still hadnt arrived so I ordered another which thankfully arrived a few days later. The original one still hasnt arrived and it was posted nearly two weeks ago! I cant really say if I love it or not as Chloe’s only had it on twice – once without a prewash. The fit seems good and I love the 3 new colours (I got a freetime in sassy and 2 BG organics in mirror and dazzle). I wasnt sure if I’d like the sassy but I love them all! The preorder was a lovelace which I cant wait to see, whenever it decides to show up! Freetime review will follow in two or three weeks.

Speaking of reviews I have the Mio Solo one to put up this week and I have a few more I want to complete, BG organic being one of them as I love them so much. I also have a Rosie Boo’s nappy on order, a Preston’s Pants pocket which we’ve been using for a week or so and love. And the other night I managed to snap up two Tweedlebee and Tweedlebum nappies in the stocking at Baby Bum Boutique (there are still a few left here if you’re interested). I’ve been very naughty I know but I think I’m just trying to cram in as many ‘dream list’ nappies as possible before potty training – which still Chloe is showing no interest in! But now I’m saving the pennies up for one last Wee Notions custom order, I have an idea of what I want and I’m excited!

I have lots of other non fluffy news as well but will do a post about them another time, I feel like I’ve been running on a half empty battery for the last few weeks, Daddy is working 7 days a week and there’s not been much rest. Maybe I should start drinking coffee in the mornings or something!

Michelle xx

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2 Responses to Fluffy happenings

  1. Ooh I do miss buying nappies! they look gorgeous. Wee notions, Bumgenius etc

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