Tots Bots fluffy news

Wow, there’s been some big news from the Tots Bots team these last few days, firstly their fitted Bamboozle Stretch nappy is now available in rainbow colours, which look super fab, definitely sure to brighten up your stash. I do really like the Stretch nappies, very absorbent and soft, alas they didnt last Chloe over night even with some mega boosting but they are a great nappy and I know lots of people who swear by them for nights, especially on smaller babies. The downside I had with them was the velcro and they were a little boring – not so plain now though and not a hint of white velcro in sight, yay!

Other news is that they are now making Easyfits in snaps! Yes snaps, be still my beating heart! Now I am a big fan of the Easyfit, absorbent, squishy, great fit, come in great colours and prints, only downside was the velcro. And for those that love velcro they are now making the velcro match the colour of the nappy like with the Stretch, so no more white velcro that looks dingy and grey! Happy news all round! Teenyfits will only come in velcro though which is slightly sad news but then velcro does give a super good fit on teeny ones and at least it wont be boring white velcro so I’ll let them off!

And as if that all wasnt enough, the inside of the Easyfit and Teenyfits are having a bit of a make over, gone is the bamboo flap out core and in is a quick dry minky which again matches the outer nappy colour. Now I must say I’m in two minds about this, as it’s great that the inside is now nice and stay dry for baby but i’m worried the absorbency might be less. If we use an EF at the minute I always add a Little Lamb bamboo booster but with it just being minky we might need more? I dont know 100% until we try it I guess but I think I’d have prefered the core part thats sewn into the nappy was the minky and the flap out part was still the bamboo so a best of both worlds but still I shall wait and see. I do love the coloured inside though, very funky looking and it will be great for hiding any marks.

Phew and as if that wasnt enough…………… new prints and limited editions!! Yes that’s right, TBs are bringing out a new range of prints (so the old ones will be discontinued at some point, so keep your eye out for bargains if any of them are your favourite). The new range of prints is based on “Every Nappy Tells a Story” which is a lovely idea. I’m sure most parents talk to their LO at nappy change time but now maybe you can tell them a story relating to the nappy, genius!! They’ve picked their favourite classic fairy tales and produced 5 new prints.

The first design is Hansel and Gretel on a gorgeous purple background, the new matching velcro really helps to set off the print, no more distracting white and the snaps just blend right in.

Next is The Enormous Turnip – one which I vaguely remember, I think I’m going to have go to the library and find it!

Then there’s Jack and the Beanstalk which again looks lovely, I’m having a tough time deciding which I like best.

And on to the next which I think is called Henny Penny (Chicken Licken/Little story?) I dont know of it but it does look cute!

And last but by no means least is Three Little Piggies, I’m not sure Iove the choice of velcro/snap colour but the print is so cute!!

Sorry for the major pic spamming but I just thought it was great to see the snap and velcro versions side by side, and sorry in advance for the more pics to come but they are worth it! The new Easyfit prints will be £16.99 and the Teenyfits will be £10.99.

Now, on to the Limited Edition prints which look fab too and are called ‘BritBots’ to celebrate the two main events in this year’s calendar, the 2012 Olympics and Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. The first design called Jubilee, captures the spirit of the Great British Street party, complete with union jacks and jammie dodgers! Love, love, love this print, It may well be my favourite print this I’ve seen this year, fresh and would look to scrummy being shown off in the summer. It actually reminds me of Alice in Wonderland a little with the hearts and tea etc – maybe an idea for the next range of prints TBs if you’re reading 😉

The other design is called London and takes its inspiration from the London tube map and features well known London icons like red double decker buses, Hackney cabs, and the Queen’s Guards. I bet little boys (and Dads) will love this, the guards look so cute.

The limited editions will be £17.99 for the Easyfit and £11.99 for the Teenyfit. And I think maybe in the wraps too, or maybe that’s just the new prints, will update when I know for sure.

I actually might have to invest in a few in new Efs, as they are a great fit on Chloe and well I’m a print addict – I’m seriously in love with Jubilee and I like how both of the limited editions are flexible enough to be worn all year round not just tied to a certain event.

So to recap so far, they will all be available to order on the 20th of Feb in UK, and will be dispatched at the end of March. For US/Canada it will be the end of April they arrive.

All the prints will be available in Easyfit, Wraps and Teenyfits – again will try and check about the ltd ed ones.

The EF & TF will have a minky core which will be the same colour as the main outer of the nappy. (I *think* the Limited Editions will be white minky on the inside but not 100%).

The EF comes in snaps or Hook & Loop (velcro) – which will now no longer be white (except on the Jubilee limited edition) as they will colour match the nappy.

Wraps and Teenyfits will still only be available in Hook & Loop.

So yay to Tot Bots for bringing about some big changes, not only tweaking their design but spoiling us with a whole new range of prints and limited editions! And yay to these gorgeous new nappies and wraps still all being made in the UK! But on the other hand, darn them for bringing out what could end up being very costly (7 new prints!!). I’m sure there will be lots of competitions to win one if you follow them on Facebook. I’ll of course update on any news I get, roll on monday so I can get some preorders in – I didnt really want/need that new pair of shoes I’ve had my eye on, spending it on nappies makes much more sense!

Michelle xx

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