Nappy sorting

Heidi over at Louie’s Mummy did a great post the other week, about yes you guessed it the nappy wash/putting together/sorting out (see here). And I thought it was such a great idea that well here’s my take.

Now I’ve become pretty lazy about putting together nappies of late, and so rather than do a load, dry and then put together in front of the TV whilst watching Eastenders/One Born Every Minute/etc. I tend to leave the dry nappies in a laundry bucket and then after the next nappy wash day, once they are dry, sit and put together two clean dry loads. Granted if our nappy stash were a lot smaller then I wouldnt have this luxury and it’s not that I hate putting nappies together – I actually find it calming/peaceful, it’s just well I’d rather do it in bigger amounts. And I find it’s a good way to make sure that all the nappies are getting used, as there’s always a few that I’d find never really got used much, left to last, even if I loved the print or whatever, so this way nearly all the nappies get their chance to shine!

So this is what happened last week, I did a wash on Sunday and by monday everything was dry and so I popped in the white bucket and left it in the spare room. Then on Wednesday I did another nappy wash and they were all dry on Thursday so then I sat down that night and sorted them all out. I did actually have to steal a night nappy from the dry pile as we ran low but we did make it through all of Thursday without running out – although there were only a few clean made up nappies left when Chloe went to bed.

So I made them all up and this is what we got. I’m not going to go naming them all but will give you a quick rough break down of what’s what below and you can play spot the nappy!

White bucket: Preston’s Pants, Thirsties AIO, D’Lish AIO and 4 SIO, Wee Notions, 2 Bright Star Baby/Peachy Greens, Bitti Boo, Ella’s House Bum Hugger and Gen Y wrap.

Blue bucket: Charlie Banana OS, 3 GroVia AI2 and some extra inserts, 2 BG Organic/elementals, BG Freetime, 4 FuzziBunz Elite, 2 Blueberries, and a Goodmama.

And there were 2 Smartipants left upstairs, another GroVia in the change bag and an EF in the other change bag – all clean! And of course there were two days worth of dirty nappies in the wetbag upstairs.

And where are all the night nappies I hear you ask? Well Chloe has gone from needing custom heavy wetter fitted night nappies that need boosting to wait for it, a boosted BG Organic!! Yes, really! Pop two Little Lamb bamboo boosters in one and add a fleece liner and it lasts Chloe from 8pm-8am! Amazing! So to make it generally easier on Daddy, I did in fact get rid of all the dedicated night nappies we had and now we just stick to the Organics. But there is no way they would have worked for her six months ago but since she decided to drop her naptime bottle she’s changed. And to be fair I guess she does have much better bladder control now, as although the BG’s are very wet when she wakes up, I then change her and we have breakfast and she then needs changing again before she gets dressed afterwards as she’s soaked the nappy she had on for all of 30 mins. But yay to the Organics, 12 hours, no leaks and they are so very trim – they do take an age to dry but we’ve got about 7 so we’re good!

So that’s it, the nappy sorting ritual I like to think of it, I’m sure I’ll miss it when they’re gone! So how do you do yours? Do share and pop us a link to your post or leave a comment – it’s also a good excuse to flash your stash, even though most of our pretties were in the wetbag! And i promise I will do a kind of ‘How To’ post on nappy washing asap for those that came across this posting looking for advice!

Michelle xx

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  1. Heidi says:

    Thanks Michelle! 🙂 Love your pictures!!

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