A little catch up, potty training and things to come

Well we went to the Butterfly House again for another visit at the weekend and it was fab. Daddy especially loved the new Vulture, Vernon, he looked so so sweet and sort of did a lopey run round. Chloe loved it, and was having great fun running around and looking at everything, although she did get a little grumpy towards the end, bless.

Also thought I’d do a little update on potty training, dum dum dahhhhhhhhh. Well Chloe still is showing no sign of wanting to potty train, she wont even acknowledge she’s done a poop or a wee in her nappy, even when asked. We’ve had the potty out as well but again she just thought it was a funny seat and when she kept putting her teddies in it, I decided to pop it away for a later date. So once the weather warms up a bit we shall be starting the mission:potty training with full gusto! Oh but one thing I am starting to do now is to not use fleece liners in her nappy unless I can help it. As we’ve always used fleece liners in all Chloe’s nappy, to keep her feeling dry, to protect the inside of the nappies and because it helps with messy nappy tidy ups brilliantly.But now we’re going to go without in the hope it makes her feel wet more, we’ll see how it goes I guess. But the nappy buying is grinding to a halt, I’m just buying a few one off’s like the Wee Notions order – if only they made training pants!!

In exciting things to come, Chloe’s handmade doll is being made this week by the lovely Maxine at Bramble Hedge. It’s so exciting picking our skin and eye colours and things, I hope Chloe loves her, I might keep her as an Easter present. Other good news is that Daddy’s current job is finishing up, meaning that he might get more then one weekend off a month! I’ve also being eyeing up houses again and am hoping we can re-start looking at moving again – exciting as then maybe TTC #2 can begin, newborn fluff *squee*!!

Michelle xx

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2 Responses to A little catch up, potty training and things to come

  1. Hi Michelle – would you consider leaving the potty out rather than putting it away, even if you’re not planning to tackle potty training now? On the advice of a Polish friend of mine, who was explaining that in Poland they tend to toilet train much younger than we do, we made a potty available about 7 months before we actually toilet trained my son. We placed it beside the toilet in the main bathroom, and whenever one of us would use the toilet, we’d ask him if he wanted to use the potty. Likewise, when we were getting him ready for a bath or for bed, we’d ask the same. If he said no, we didn’t push it, but if he said yes, we’d let him sit on it and sometimes he’d use it, sometimes he wouldn’t. Some weeks he’d use the potty two or three times and some weeks not at all.

    And then last month, he started asking to use it all the time – unprompted by us. We decided to go with it and within a week he was trained. Toddler-led toilet training I guess. 🙂 I put it down to my friend’s advice to leave the potty out. I think when it came to toilet training then, it was his decision, and the potty wasn’t something mysterious or scary – it was something that had been around for months.

    • Michelle says:

      Oh that is a great point thank you!! I think before when it was in her room, she saw it as a toy, which is why I thought it best to put away till she could understand. But it makes perfect sense in the bathroom – no idea why I didnt think of that before!! I just which our bathroom was a little bigger but it will be stationed in there ASAP!

      Will update how we go, thank you! xx

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