Review: Preston’s Pants pocket nappy

Preston’s Pants are the creation of an American work at home mum and have been on my to try list for ages as I’ve always read such good things about them. But as with buying anything from across the pond, shipping costs are always a sore point. Which is why when I saw Peas and Love announce on Facebook that they had some limited editions in stock then well obviously it would have been rude not to snap one up!

 I got a pocket in the purple PUL outer with ‘Princess in Training’ embroidery in a birth to potty size. Unfortunately they’re all sold out of these particular ones now but there are some super cute ‘Kiss Me‘ ones left and some of the stunning minky outer and embroidered fairy and Gnome ones left. The PUL outer one was £18 and comes with an organic cotton insert which you fold in half to use and it’s incredibly thirsty. They have rise snaps on the front as with normal BTP nappies and have crossover snaps for those little ones. What I especially love is the way the waist snaps are slanted, which helps to give a really snug fit. Inside is a soft microfleece which has washed really well and helps to keep your little one feeling dry.

Ease of use: The pocket opening is lovely and big, just fold the insert, stuff it in and snap the nappy on, super simple.

Performance: Easily goes 3-4 hours, really love the insert, trim, absorbent and yet doesnt take too long to dry thanks to it folding out into one long piece. We’ve had no leaks of any kind, this is a real bomb proof, easy to use nappy.

Design: These are pretty much perfect, the only slight niggle is that they look a bit ‘poofy’ on, a little baggy but it’s not that the nappy is bulky at all, when it’s on under tight fitting clothes it looks super trim. Maybe it’s just the material that makes it look baggy – it’s not a huge problem at all and I still love the nappy, maybe it’s down to Chloe being so petite that it might not even be noticeable on another child, it’s just the only fault I can find! But as I said, I love the snap design, where it tapers down at the front means it’s a much better fit on smaller babies. Oh and love the crossover snaps which not all BTP nappies have but I think are a must and also the little labels are super cute too.

Overall: This is a keeper for us, pretty, great fit, easy to use and super reliable. Price is a little high but hopefully that will come down, seeing as the stock has sold so quickly and hopefully bigger orders can be placed. Or it might be worth contacting Preston’s Pants direct to find out a rough idea on a complete price with shipping for a custom or two! I’d love to see one on a little baby as I’m sure it would be a great fit and not too bulky – you could use a smaller insert if need be. But I love having a good quality insert included, most pockets just come with micofiber which we always have to boost or swap out completely for a thirstier hemp/bamboo/organic cotton insert. They are cut slightly on the generous size as usually Chloe has the rise completely unsnapped on BTPs but on this we have it snapped up one, but the fit is great, nice high rise still and no red marks on the legs. This is definiely a nappy I can see lasting till potty training on bigger kiddies – which is a downfall of many BTPs in that they get too small in the rise at the 30lb+ end.

This is a great nappy, really well made, gives a perfect fit, reliable, love the cute embroidery and I’m so hoping Peas and Love get some more in! Definitely a nappy for heavier wetters or if you’re looking for something different that you want to be great fitting from small to big sizes.

Michelle xx

I bought the nappy mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it and no one told me what to write.

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