More fluffy mail

Eeeep!! My Wee Notions order arrived last week and oh my the nappies are perfect! The WN’s team are so helpful at making sure you get the nappy that you’ve pictured in your head, big squishy fluffy hugs to them all. It was a big order as I got some mama fluff too, again all super lovely and just what I wanted! I even managed to snag a few action shots of Chloe, I love how the Cheshire cat one turned out, I wanted it a bit different and with yellow eyes more like the one in the original Disney film and I think it’s turned out amazing! These are Chloe’s last Wee Notions *sob*, I so wish they made training pants!!

And then today my T&T order finally arrived from Baby Bum Boutique , there was a slight delay as one of mine was missing from the original order and the other had a stitching fault in it but here they are! So beautiful! the cupcake one went straight on and the Owl one will be next – I sense a slight Owl addiction coming on! I dont know how well they function yet but will reveal all in a review once we’ve put them through their beautiful paces! the cupcakes is a OS and the Owl a M/L, these are my first rufflebum nappies and are gorgeous! I so wish I could warrant getting a fully customised order in but by the time they got her Chloe would be out of nappies, so wish I’d come across them earlier, pricey but lush!


I need to get my review list cleared as that magical Real Nappy Week is fast approaching and have lots planned!

Michelle xx

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2 Responses to More fluffy mail

  1. Bex says:

    I am more than a little jealous of your fluffy post! I love the pink owl nappy, and I shall be copying that if I ever have a baby girl! Wee notions is sooo addictive isn’t it!

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