Review: Ella’s House Bum Hugger night nappy

Ella’s House Bum Huggers are loved by many a cloth nappy user and for a long time I’ve heard how amazingly good they are as night nappies. But until now I’ve never gotten round to trying them, that’s until the lovely Sarah at Nappy Go Lucky asked if we’d like to test one out as she’d just had some newly labelled ones come in. There’s no difference between the old label style and new label style Bum Huggers – just an updated designed label!

So what’s the Bum Hugger all about then – apart from the cute name, well it’s made from hemp/cotton fleece (55% hemp/45% cotton) so as you can imagine its a thirsty little nappy. It has an attached, pull out soaker, so no having to hunt around in the clean washing for it and it also speeds up drying time. When you want to use it simply place the soaker into the pocket and you can either lay it out flat inside or fold it up at the front for boys/tummy sleepers. The inside is covered in fleece to keep baby dry during the night, and it’s pretty coloured fleece too, a shame it gets hidden away but is brilliant for hiding any stains and they come in some very cute prints, including spots, paw prints etc.

They come in 3 sizes, small 6-15lb (3-7kg), large 15-40lb (4-18kg) and xlarge 35lb+ (16kg+). Which is a good range to have, Chloe fits in the large perfectly, the rise isnt too low and there’s plenty of room for growth and in the pocket if you need to add a booster. They cost £10.80 and come in either aplix or snaps, of course I chose the snaps and they are slightly slanted to give a better fit when your little one is at the smallest setting. The slightly odd thing is that the snaps dont show on the outside of the wings so at first glance you’d think they where snapless or aplix but they are there, just the tops of them is between the inside layers of fabric, it does make them look very tidy but I think I prefer/am used to the normal way where they can be seen.

We were also sent one of the hemp boosters which are £3.30 and are topped with matching fleece so are perfect for just laying inside the nappy and still keeping that stay dry layer. They have two layers of the hemp/cotton blend and are topped with fleece with a slight hourglass shape making them a slim booster yet with the amount of hemp they are very absorbent. There is also a plain version for the same price but it isn’t fleece topped but has an extra layer of hemp making it three layers for super wetters, you could easily pop it in the pocket so baby still feels dry.
Ease of use: This is super easy for a night nappy, before use, stuff the soaker into the pocket and lay in an extra booster or stuff in the pocket – if needed, any booster could be used. There’s no need for a liner due to the fleece inner, Chloe is usually pretty sensitive to getting red if she’s in a wet nappy but the fleece inner has been completely fine for her. Daddy did find doing it up harder than usual, I think because the top of the snaps are hidden inside the fabric – which is new for him, but otherwise its super easy to put on and of course pop a cover or wool/fleece over the top.

Performance: With the extra booster this works a treat for Chloe and she sleeps 12 hours and has a bottle before bed but no leaks in the morning and the nappy isnt soaking wet. She’s not quite the heavy night wetter that she used to be, I’d say she’s just a normal night wetter now, but you could easily add more boosting to the pocket or use another lay in booster if need be and it would still be a super trim night nappy. I love that the soaker just seems to fall out of the pocket in the wash and it helps it dry so much quicker than other night nappies. Only downside is it can dry a little hard as it’s hemp but that’s the same with most bamboo/hemp nappies, the inner is still soft against your little one as its fleece though.

Design: These have been well thought out, fleece inner to keep baby dry, love the flap out soaker and the big pocket, really useful for quick drying and boosting for heavy wetters. Love the fit of the Bum Hugger but have to say the look of it always throws me, I much prefer the snaps to show on the wings – itsnt a problem or a design fault, I’m just used to seeing them there and it makes the wings lay that bit flatter/closer to the nappy. The cute fleece prints are nice too, of course it’s a shame that when on you cant see them but they do brighten up change time and look pretty when drying on the line.

Overall: This is a really good night nappy, very trim, doesnt take too long to dry and can easily be boosted for heavier wetters. I wish I’d tried this sooner rather than jumping straight into the more expensive night nappies! For how absorbent they are they are so so trim, it doesnt look like a night nappy when on at all and you could easily still add more boosters to the pocket and still get a good fit. The price of this is fab, it’s worth getting one to try on your little one and if they are a mega day wetter then I’m pretty sure this would work as a great day nappy too due to it being thirsty yet trim.

Ella’s House do a whole range including  breastpads, wipes, fleece liners and the new Bum Slender – a day time fitted, all at really great prices considering the quality of the fabrics used. Ella’s House is definitely a brand I’d recommend to people who are looking for a good night nappy or nappies for a heavy wetter.

Michelle xx

Discount code!

The lovely Sarah at Nappy Go Lucky has offered a £5 off a £20 spend on the Ella’s House range. Simply use the code fmblog12 and it’s valid for the next 14 days, enjoy!!

We were kindly sent this nappy to review, however no compensation was received for writing this review, no one has told me what to say and all opinions (and spelling mistakes) are 100% my own and genuine. 

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5 Responses to Review: Ella’s House Bum Hugger night nappy

  1. Tanya says:

    Hi Michelle, what wrap did you use over the bumhugger? I have a BTP flip and its a bit of a squeeze to get it come up high enough and to cover round the leg also!
    TIA 🙂

    • Michelle says:

      Hi! For Chloe with any fitted night nappy we mostly used wool (it’s not that hard to use) but if you only want to use wraps then the one size Blueberry coveralls are super generously sized and I found pretty bombproof (and you can get them in snaps or velcro and lots of different patterns and they are around £12.50). A cheaper option would be the Smart Fit wraps – which are around £11 each but Fill Your Pants have 2 for £18 at the minute.

      Hope that helps!

      Michelle x

  2. Maryann says:

    Hi I know that this is an old review but hope you still see my question!!

    Can I confirm that your review was based on using this nappy with a wool soaker? I am currently looking for a slimmer nappy to go under my wool soaker as I currently use a worn out preloved lollipop bamboo, cotton prefold, hemp booster and motherease one size. Where the one size touches her thighs it causes sore spots from rubbing. Looking for something that I dont need to double nappy but can add extra boosters if needed.

    • Michelle says:

      Hello, yes we mainly used Disana wool pull ons, which are lovely and stretchy but we did sometimes use Blueberry coveralls as well, both worked well over this. It’s always hard to suggest what might work for people as for some heavy wetters they’ve just used a pad folded prefold with boosters in a blueberry coverall, someone else might find a tots bots stretchy with a few hemp or bamboo boosters work etc. But yes I did find this a slim nappy, otherwise the more heavy duty night nappies do get costly starting at about £20+ (LLS, LG, HL etc) but if you do an in search of post of nappy forums they picking up one second hand to try is always an option.
      Hope that helps and you find something that works!
      Michelle x

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