What we did last week

Last week was lovely because Daddy had the whole week off, including both weekends!! This for us was very exciting as he’s been working super hard of late and since Christmas has only had about 4 weekends off in total, working 7 days a week for weeks in a row!

So we had a lovely relaxing weekend and spent some time together and the weather was on our side, it was glorious all week!

On Monday we did a boring food shop, but it was actually really nice as usually we just do an online shop so it was nice to browse everything and because it was a weekday the shop was empty. We spent more than usual but as Daddy was going to be home all week, we needed to stock up the cupboards! We also nipped into the local Mothercare and snapped up some summer clothes in the sale for Chloe, I have a lot of last year’s summer stuff that I need to put on Ebay but it just takes such a long time to do! Oh and we also picked up a few bags of play sand for Chloe’s new sand and water table.

On Tuesday we went for a walk around Damflask reservoir again, which is just so beautiful and it was lovely and quite. We had a nice picnic on a bench looking out across the reservoir and then we went to go feed the ducks.

On Wednesday we had a bit of a regrouping at home, we played in the garden and planted some seeds and flowers. And then Chloe wanted to play with her sand and water table for the rest of the afternoon whilst Mummy watched.

On Thursday we went to the Magna centre, our first time there and it was fantastic! A bit dark and scary to start with but Chloe loved it, there’s fire, water, earth and air sections. My favourites were the air and water, lots of things to interact with and some amazing displays. Plus it was a bonus again that as it was a weekday it was very quiet, entry was £22 for us all and it’s a year pass – which we will definitely be making the most of as it’s only a 30 mins drive for us. Parking was free and food in the cafe was reasonablly priced and outside is a massive play area, sand pits, swings, slides and different sections for toddlers and older kids. There’s also a big water play area but that was open yet. It’s actually worth going back just for the outside areas! We dont have any pictures of Magna, mostly because it is quite dark inside and also because we completely forgot as we were having so much fun – just means we have to go back again soon!

Friday was a trip into town to get Chloe some new shoes – a bargain at £15 for some Clarks in John Lewis and we had a general window shopping session. Again it was lovely and quiet and then we headed off to Weston Park and sat out in the sun and had a picnic.

The weekend turned a little colder so we just spent it at home (Mummy had tons of washing to catch up on!) and Chloe had a little visit to Nanny’s with Daddy. And of course we spend more time in the garden and playing with the sand and water table and blowing some bubbles!

So it was a lovely week, although we didnt do many big things, we did spend lots of time together which of course is the most important thing and it’s a good thing it was last week as today it’s started snowing!!

So back to normal now, Daddy is back at work (Boo, hiss!) but hopefully he’ll be getting some weekends off! I have a few lovely giveaways planned over the next few weeks and if you missed the Notonthehighstreet.com giveaway to win a £25 voucher then head over before the 12th April to enter!

Michelle xx

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