Being ill and some happy surprise news

Well we had a lovely long weekend, lots of relaxing, had a day out with some of my family and we even managed to have a general tidy up and sort through some of Chloe’s toys. And then on Tuesday night I began to feel a bit snotty and had that sore throat feeling, my immune system is pretty rubbish to be honest and although I hate being ill I always catch everything going and they seem to mutate into a worse version then the original person had. So anyway I didnt sleep well on Tuesday night and then woke up yesterday to feeling drained, fuzzy brained, constantly snotty, throat on fire and exhausted. Being at home with a two-year old to entertain whilst feeling under the weather is never good but Chloe was brilliant, coming over to give me hugs whilst I tried to catnap on the sofa – there was a lot of Peppa Pig watching which is Chloe’s favourite at the minute. But anyway today I feel a little more human and now need to face catching up with washing, tidying and of course doing something fun with Chloe.

So onto the surprise news, I have been rather quite on here on late and that’s because I’ve had something exciting that I wanted to share but also wanted to wait. You’ve guessed it, I’m pregnant!! It was a total surprise and we had the scan last week, so all is well and I’m 15 weeks! So very exciting, not planned as we were hoping to be moved into our dream house before TTC but there we go, I’m a great believer in things happening for a reason so we will be a family of four by Christmas! I cant wait to see Chloe as a big sister and of course getting to experience having a baby again but without all the worries of being a first time mum. And yes I have already been eyeing up newborn fluff, roll on Real Nappy Week!

So that’s why I’ve been a bit quiet and because I’ve been just so tired of an evening, but now I can share all that newborn excitement I’m sure I’ll be posting more! Hope everyone has a lovely Thursday!

Michelle xx

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1 Response to Being ill and some happy surprise news

  1. Congratulations Michelle! Wonderful news! 🙂

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