NapNap and Fluffy Mummy Real Nappy Week treasure hunt

Arrgh me hearies (or something along those lines)! Today in honour of Real Nappy Week 2012, I’m hosting a treasure hunt from NapNap and the prize is £20 of NapNap vouchers you can spend on any fluff you choose! And a surprise nappy, which I cant reveal yet as it’s the answer to their guess the nappy competition but I can say it’s a good one and I’m very jealous!!

You’ve probably heard of a NapNap voucher in your fluffy travels but if not then it’s really simple. A NapNap voucher can be exchanged at lots of cloth nappy shops for, you guessed it, cloth nappies – see I did say it was simple! If you’re not sure what to get your friend that’s interested in cloth as a baby gift then get a NapNap voucher and let her pick herself! Or if you have a fluffy friend’s birthday coming up but not sure whether she’d like an AIO or pocket nappy then NapNap is here (and yes I am one of those people who’d like a new nappy as a birthday present – mad I know!). NapNap vouchers are especially great for those expectant parents who want to try cloth but arent sure where to start. They would make a perfect present and help spread the cost of starting in cloth, you could ask for them rather then the ton of baby clothes that everyone buys. And then just before or even after baby is here they can then work out exactly what they want and use them, perfect! I’d have loved some vouchers to get me started and the best thing is that they can be used in around 20 different shops which stock everything from the more basic/economy nappies to the downright pretty and everything in between. So its another great way of trying a few different nappies before deciding which type you want to go with. If your interested in finding out more then take a look here.

So on to the fluffy treasure hunt!! As mentioned the prize is £20 of NapNap vouchers to spend and a surprise new nappy! There’s also a little mini extra bonus draw to enter as well so do make sure you read everything!

We have asked some of the retailers who accept the NapNap Voucher to hide the following picture on their website: 


Just find the picture and copy the links to the specific pages into the form on the NapNap website here (do not post them on the blog, they have to be entered into the form or they wont count). 

Here is the list of websites you have to visit:

  1. Softbots
  2. Close Parent
  3. Baby Tiponi
  4. Green Jelly
  5. Tiny Nippers
  6. BabyBumBoutique
  7. Stratford Nappies
  8. Cotton Baby
  9. Nappy Go Lucky
  10. Green Pomelo

You have until midnight Thursday 26th April 2012 to enter.

All correct answers will be entered into a draw.

One winner will win the £20 NapNap Voucher and nappy.

Extra prize draw – To be entered into an extra bonus prize draw, you can do one, two or all of the three things listed below. The prize will be a little something from Really Eco Baby

  • Leave a comment below on the Fluffy Mummy blog.
  • Send a Tweet saying ‘I’ve entered the NapNap Treasure Hunt to win a NapNap Voucher and nappy with @napnaphq‘.
  • Post on NapNap’s Facebook page saying you’ve entered.

Good luck all!! xx

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7 Responses to NapNap and Fluffy Mummy Real Nappy Week treasure hunt

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  2. laura smith says:

    Woohoo im off to do some searching 😀 im loving these rnw competitions!

  3. Dominique says:

    Excellent 🙂 off I go to find the pics 🙂

  4. Debbie says:

    This will keep me busy for a while!

  5. Moira McIntyre says:

    I’ve started but gosh is this hard!

  6. Have gone and found all the required pages. Have tweeted etc 😀

    Great Giveaway.


  7. Claire Wren says:

    That was really tough!! Well done everybody who found them all…. My poor children were ignored lots this evening (and my husband but I’m not feeling quite so guilty about that!)

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