RNW fluffy (newborn) shopping!

Well Real Nappy Week 2012 is now finished, boo hiss! But as always it was lots of fun, bargains to be had, and hopefully lots of people new and old to cloth nappies won some goodies. And of course I hope there are now more fluffy bums out there, or at least parents thinking about cloth in a new light!

So what did I buy during RNW, well I had a budget for bump and as we dont yet know the flavour I bought some girl and boy nappies (as I dont like going down the gender neutral route). Once we know what we’re having then I shall hopefully be able to sell on the ones we dont need and buy more of what we do – the bargains were just too good to pass up! So here’s some pics of what I got this past week, I’m still waiting on a parcel that looks to have gone MIA but hopefully it turns up!

First to arrive was some fluffy mail from Funky Monkey Pants, 2 Rumparooz (Chloe can wear them for a bit and then will save for bump), 2 Little Joeys – need to get more of these as they’re so cute. 2 of the wraps, again they’re so cute and 2 Sloomb prefolds which feel amazing soft, expensive but gorgeous. And a Prim N Proper newborn fitted, I did place another order later on for some of the Thirsties hemp inserts and some of the newborn Grovia as they were on offer too! And from Baby Bum Boutique some of the new Peachy Green AI2 BTPs – review to come on these, very excited about them as I love the old version Bright Star Babys!

And then there was a big Kingdom of Fluff order, Laura stocks so many lovely things!! I snapped up 3 of the newborn OWW’s, I would have got more had funds allowed and if I’d known bumps flavour. They are gorgeous and super squishy, I’m in love with them, if only they werent so pricey! And 4 of the Blueberry mini deluxe’s jumped into the basket along with 4 of the small Itti Bitti’s – they were all on offer so it would have been rude not to get them! The blueberry’s look soo cute, cant wait to try them, the Itti Bitti’s wont fit for a little while but I love these prints so much and I’m sure they’ll be gone and replaced by the time bump is here so thought I should get them whilst I can!

And I caved and snapped up the new Pop In prints which are all gorgeous in real life. They aren’t great on Chloe but once bump is sleeping longer at nights then these will be perfect (well there were with Chloe!) and I didnt want these ones to be retired and miss out on them! Oh and I got them from Fill Your Pants. I will actually keep all of them if bumps a girl and am debating on whether I can get away with the pink ones on a boy as it would be at nigh! We’ll see but they are all super cute!

So that’s roughly it, no more buying till the end of next month when we’ll know what team we’re on and then I’ll sell on the excess and replace. A lot of effort I know but well I’ll have still saved money on the ones that I’ll keep so it’s all good! I’ll do a newborn fluff shopping post after we know and I’ll list what we have and what I’d ideally like to get. I think I’m so excited about trying everything as Chloe was so tiny (2lb 8oz) and was in SCBU for a month and when she was home she was of course still tiny and we were so focused on making sure she was gaining weight etc. And there wasnt the choice of nb fluff that there is now, I think we just had some of the newborn BGs that even then didnt fit her till 6lbs. So we didnt get into cloth for a good 3/4 months but now hopefully bump wont be as small as Chloe and even if they are then we have lots of options and are prepared to go with prefolds etc from the start. So yes I’m super excited and over the top about it and no you dont have to get a newborn stash but I’m guessing bump will be on the smaller side then the ‘average’ baby and well I’m dying to try out all the new brands that are now out! Okay so gushing over, I shall try to contain my excitement till we at least know whether we’re pink or blue! Hope everyone else had a good RNW and got some bargains!

Michelle xx

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2 Responses to RNW fluffy (newborn) shopping!

  1. mamabrein says:

    Fun to see all your new fluff! Congrats on the bump! 🙂

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