18 weeks

Yes bump is now 18 weeks and I’m really feeling run down to be honest!! Getting a bit fed up with almost daily headaches, am trying to drink lots of water in case that’s the reason but it doesnt seem to be helping and I’m resorting to paracetamol at night time to help me fall asleep most nights. Oh and add to the fact that sleeping through the whole night is now becoming less frequent too, waking up to toss and turn, getting too hot or cold etc is driving me mad. I bought a new pillow and a thinner duvet hoping that would help and it did for about a week! I ache as well, back, neck and shoulders and I’m still not really wanting to eat any food I’ve cooked. I know that sounds really odd but when I cook dinner and see/smell it once it’s ready I just dont want to actually eat it – my cooking’s not bad I promise! And when I do eat I feel stuffed after a tiny portion and then 2/3 hours later feel hungry again! Oh the joys of creating new life!

Okay so whining over, I know I havent got it as bad as most ladies, no morning sickness etc but the tiredness is really getting to me and I know Chloe is missing out on doing a lot of the fun things we usually do as I’m just feeling so tired. But there’s good things to look forward to this month, firstly there’s a bank holiday on monday so a three day weekend! Time to catch up on some sleep and still have lots of family time and do fun things with Chloe. It’s so nice when Daddy is around to give me a quick rest from Chloe, I so wish my family were closer to help out but we’re managing. And it’s payday on friday, always a good thing, means I might have a night off cooking and have a take out to celebrate! And then there’s the Baby Show at the NEC towards the end of the month (will be saving as many pennies as possible for that). Am hoping to get some big items at a good price, will be doing research and making a list of the things we need and have my bargaining hat on! It is just a shame we wont know bumps flavour till after the show but I guess it’s good in that we wont end up buying things we dont need but just impulse buy! And the scan is 3 weeks away, so so excited, I’m happy either way but I just want to know!

Oh and one last moan – where has the nice weather gone!! Now April’s gone if we could have rain and more sun/warmer weather I’d be super happy! Okay so rambling over!

Michelle xx

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