Liz Earle, Urban Decay and Burt’s Bees retail therapy

I was having a kind of ‘stuck in a rut’ feeling last week, not feeling very ‘glowy’ with pregnancy, more like tired, fed up and having no energy for anything. Also me and OH went out to the cinema the other weekend, which was lovely but I was stuck with the, ‘what do I wear/I’ve forgotten how to use makeup/my hairs a nightmare’ sort of situation. So I decided it was high time I did something about it, I’m also starting a routine this week, getting up early (and going to bed earlier), drinking more water, might even try to get into the pregnancy yoga dvd I’ve had laying around and generally try to be more positive and keep on top of things more. As well as treating myself to some new things of course!

So anyway, I decided that I needed new make up as the last time I probably bought some was well before Chloe, not that I’ve ever really been ‘into’ make up but I am a sucker for trying new things! So I was delighted to see that Liz Earle were releasing a simple make up range and as I’m a big fan of the natural/not tested on animals way of things then I headed right on over. I would have loved to get everything but sadly funds aren’t unlimited and well, I just dont get on with ‘fiddly’ things like eyeliner and blusher! So I got the Natural Finish Loose Powder and the big brush to go with it and the Lash Definition Smudgeproof Mascara. I fancied getting the mascara base and a lip gloss but reasoned that they werent really an essential and I have a ton of lip balm/glosses to use up. I also got some of their Sensitive Shave Cream as OH swears it’s the best shave stuff going, giving the best/closest shave – and yes I’ve tried it on my legs and it is impressive, hence why I had to get a new tube as his was going quick!  I did want some new/summery eyeshadows but LE aren’t releasing those till later in the year.

So they arrived the other day and I am super happy with everything, all the mineral powders that I’ve tried before just sit on my skin and show up dry patches – my skin is super dry.This one doesnt, I’m not sure if it’s because I’m now using LE moisturiser which is fab and hydrating or just that the powder is just amazing but it blends in and gives a nice smooth non dry finish. The brush is nice too, big and very soft (although expensive) but I didnt see the point of buying a cheap one that would shed or apply it wrongly if that makes sense? The mascara isn’t one of those ones that makes you go ‘wow’ you’ve got huge/fat/colossal lashes or whatever but as mine are a non-existent light brown/blonde colour it does make me look like I’m wearing make up and make my eyes pop IYGWIM and no clumps or spider eyes, yay! And no I dont work for LE (I wish) I’m just loving their stuff – yes I’m still using the hot cloth cleanser and moisturiser that I raved about here, love it!

So then I was thinking eyeshadow, again I wanted something not tested on animals and thought I’d have to wait till I was next in town and pop into Boots or something. But I’ve used Urban Decay stuff before and liked it and I also follow a lot of blogs and a fair few of them are make up/skincare related. I’ll say again, I’m not a big lover of make up but when someone is passionate about something then I get interested and I like to follow all the new things even if I dont go out and buy them/have the time to try them! So anyway I know the Urban Decay palletes are hugely popular and as I’m greeny eyed then the whole brown/beiges are good for me (or so I heard) and yes you’ve guessed it the latest one Naked 2 is all about that. I ummed and ahhed for a few days about getting it as it was £32 on offer.  But you get 12 eyeshadows along with a double ended brush (as I’m not a make up enthusiast I just dont own any decent brushes and the ones that come with individual eyeshadows are pants). Oh and there’s a mini lip gloss too – again not a selling point as I dont really need it! But in the end after reading so many amazing reviews about it and youtube vlogs on it I quickly added to the basket and checked out. It hasnt arrived yet, boo, but hopefully soon. I am a little nervous about using it and getting overwhelmed but at that price I will make myself use it and hopefully I’ll not need to buy another eyeshadow for years!

And also on another skincare theme, maybe it’s the summer like feel to the air that kicked it all off but actually I bought this before any of the above had even crossed my mind. Burt’s Bees another more natural brand had a grab bag offer going on where if you spent £20  you’d get a random bag of goodies that rrps at £55. Now I kind of liked the idea of the surprise as they do a lot of things I wouldnt pick to buy but yet I probably would like if I tried if that makes any sense. Also my supply of Body Shop goodies was running low (I always stock up when there’s a big sale on) so I thought it was a good offer to take up. I *had* to make it upto £25 to get the free delivery – I hate paying for delivery, so I got some shampoo and wash bits for Chloe. I’m not going to list everything that I got in the bag as it would be too much effort but I got a varied bag of goodies, things I’ve tried before and things that I havent but actually they all smell amazing! I havent really used much yet but the bits I’ve had a quick try of are lovely, another convert! Sorry to those that are thinking ‘oh I might get this’ but as I said I got it a few weeks ago and although I think they might still be doing it, from what I’ve heard, a lot of people ordering now are getting 2, 3 or more duplicates in their order so if you dont mind that then go ahead but I guess they might be running low on stock and pulling it soon. But next time I see them doing this then I will blog about it asap as I’ll be sure to get one again! The little mini bottles are going in my labour bag for sure and I cant wait to use up my current body lotion and start on the BB’s one!

Phew so that’s about it for now, I still need to tackle the clothes front and get a hair cut or something but I am feeling pretty good at the moment, it’s amazing how some powder on your face or what have you, can make you feel better. Maybe I just needed that something different to perk me up, a new boost for summer. But lots still to look forward to as it’s the Babyshow this friday, saturday and sunday – I’m not sure if we’ll be going on sat or sunday but I fully intend to make it a bit of a military operation (a nice one mind you) and get every stand looked at and more importantly get some bargains on the baby bits we have to get – more on that soon, excited!!

Oh and the scan is next monday!!! I have already said to OH that as I’m so desperate to know what flavour bump is, I’m betting they will have their legs crossed the whole time so they wont be able to tell us! Oh well if that’s how it’s meant to be then bring on the surprise I guess! And roll on the summer weather now please, have had enough of the rain for the time being!

Michelle xx

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