Babyshow and scan quick update

Well we had our 20 week scan today and baby is fine, good size, head and spine are all fine but they were laying on their tummy again and refused to move so we have to go back for them to finish the rest of the scan – am I’m hoping they can then tell us if it’s a boy or girl! I did have a feeling that this would be the case but luckily enough I guess we get to see them all over again so I’ll just have to hope the appointment comes through quickly and baby is in a better position!

And we went to the Babyshow yesterday – I am SO tired! Up at 6, left just after 7, arrived at 9, had a lovely time and then left at 1ish as I was exhausted and Chloe was sleeping in the pram. Still it was lovely, said hello to the Fill Your Pants gang, bought a ton of lovely stuff (pics to come on that) and we ordered our Xplory!!! Am so so excited, it’s something I’ve wanted since I was pregnant with Chloe and now thanks to some generous family members helping out we can get one! We do actually still have a few things on our to buy list for baby but it kind of all feels real now that we’ve seen baby again and have bought a big item.

But all the excitement from the last few days have left me feeling so tired so I will get some rest (OH had the whole day off today so he will be cooking dinner tonight!) and will do a better round up of things in a day or so. Oh and the sun is finally out so fingers crossed it’s here to stay!!

Michelle xx

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